Learn to speak with a British Accent – just 15 minutes a day!

Do you find that people can't always understand you? Do you get treated as less than equal by native speakers?

Would you like to speak in clear, succint, flowing sentences? What if you could be treated as an equal by native speakers?

Help is available! My program "Speak More Clearly" provides the tools you need to pronounce English words more clearly.  

Don't let your accent hold you back from achieving your full potential.

"I am so thankful... Your materials have solved my English accent problems I've had since my childhood..." J. Thiongo (Kenyan)"

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Give Me Just 15 Minutes A Day And l'll Give You A British Accent!

Get a British accent in just 15 minutes a day using my low cost accent training program.
My program gives you your own private speech coach!
Listen to the audio training through headphones and you will:
- develop brain connections for a British accent quicker
- more easily understand what people are saying to you
- learn how to move your mouth to make difficult sounds
- get used to the 'feel' of British English with the muscles in your lips and tongue.

My system has the content and training exercises to help you achieve British accent perfection!

Do you want to continue along the path of dissatisfaction? Or do you want to start being treated as an equal?

Don't let your competitors get ahead of you and get the jobs you want. Change the image you project and speak with clarity!

Start immediately with your instant download of the complete PDF manual, which has your audio training course and videos embedded into it for easy use!

Get more work opportunities with your new British accent

"My materials have solved English accent problems for over 40,000 people already..."

My program is the most advanced accent program out there because:

Listening and repeating is an important tool for accent training. My audio program leaves space after words and sentences so you can repeat and practice mimicking the native speakers.

My program includes videos that show you exactly where to place your lips and tongue so that your mouth can pronounce the words correctly.

My program tells you which syllables to stress  and includes linking exercises so your sentences sound fluid and flowing just like a native speaker.

British Accent Packages – Choose the version you want

Sample Version
Totally FREE

Try a sample of the British Accent course and see how the program works

  • consonant 'th' audio
  • consonant 'th' video 

It's totally free and available on this page!

See the 'Demo Audio' and 'Demo Video' files below...

Full Version
Just £34.99

Get the complete program  now and be on a fast track to speaking more clearly.

  • 24 consonants (p, b, t, d, k, g, f, v, th, th-voiced, s, z, sh, zh, ch, j, m, n, ng, w, h, l, r, y)
  • 16 vowels  (a, o, i, e, u, ee, er, ar, or, oo-long, oo-short, oe, ie, oy, ow, ay)
  • 11 videos (elision, th, th- voiced, ng, w, r, er, the difference between l and r, a and u, a and e, i and ee)
  • 3 dialogs with a male and female voice
  • Space after each word and sentence in the Audio program to repeat and mimic
  • Guide on how to use the program; notes on rhythm and intonation; extra tips for clear speech and pronunciation
  • Instructions on correct stress patterns and how to say words of more than one syllable and the ‘schwa’ sound
  • Fluency training- which syllables to stress and excercises for intonation patterns; how to speak in flowing, fluid sentences
  • Features to note about the difference between English and 9 other languages
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60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Lite Version
Just £24.99

Try a cut down version of the British accent program and see how easy it is to speak more clearly

  • 18 consonants (th, th-voiced, ng, w, I, r, b, t, g, f, v, z, sh, zh, ch, j, h, y)
  • 10 vowels (a, er, i, o, e, ee, oe, u, ar, oo-long)
  • 10 videos (th, th-voiced, ng, w, r, er. The difference between l and r, a and u, a and e, i and ee.)
  • 1 dialog with male and female voice
  • Space after each word and sentence in the Audio program to repeat and mimic
  • Guide on how to use the program
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 Get ahead in the workplace by Speaking More Clearly with a British accent.



Being more clearly understood allows you to be confident in social sittuations and make friends more easily.

Be more confident! Correct these common mistakes:


Do you leave off or not say the last sound in a word (especially consonant sounds), e.g., 'wan' for 'want', 'nie' for ‘nine, 'ca' for can’?
Do you have difficulty knowing which vowels are short and which are long, e.g., sheep (long)/ship (short), seat (long)/ sit (short)?
Do you struggle to produce sounds like /th/, /v/, /f/ and /r/because they are different in your native language or aren't used at all?
Do you have trouble with the "melody" of spoken English?
Do you confuse voiced and unvoiced sounds such as big/pig, made/mate, down/town, gate/Kate? Learn about "minimal pairs" and then listen and repeat the exercises to quickly learn how to say them properly.
Do you make the English vowel sounds too short? Some English vowel sounds are quite different from the sounds in other languages.
Do people have difficulty understanding what your name is when you say it the first time?

By listening and repeating the exercises in "Speak More Clearly" you can quickly correct these common mistakes. Speak English confidently with colleagues and friends!

Listen - to a sample AUDIO file

Listen to a sample of the audio clips you will find in the program

"This is a medium length vowel. The lips are held quite forward and rounded so that the circle formed between the lips is quite small. The lip muscles are held quite tightly. The tongue tip is pulled back quite a bit and relaxed. The muscles of the middle and tip of the tongue are contracted or pulled in towards the midline of the tongue - the tongue is bunched in towards the midline.

The /r/ sound is not pronounced in ‘or’ in British English pronunciation."

Watch - a training VIDEO sample

Check out one of the videos that supports the audio training.

READ - the Manual and see how the program works

Don’t just take my word for it - try it NOW! Watch this video demonstrating how my interactive, multi-media manual works.

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The Full Version is our best value offer. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using "Speak More Clearly"  to learn correct British pronunciation.

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Are You Good At English But Still Misunderstood?

Do you have strong English skills but are still misunderstood by native English speakers?

Speak More Clearly shows you how to easily and quickly be better understood when you speak English.

My accent programs start with simple exercises and gets more complicated as your skills develop. We start with words, so you can focus on producing correct British sounds. Then we use the words in both simple and complex sentences. Later we introduce more complex language to practise with.

TIP: It is important when learning a new accent, to train your ear and mouth parts by using simple language, rather than struggling with complex material.

Audio On The Go - Practice Anywhere, Anytime.

Once you have puchased Audio On The Go - the separate British accent audio package and have downloaded it to your computer you can copy it to your ipod, smartphone or any other  MP3 player and practise on the go; on the bus, train, in the office - anywhere, anytime!

How to purchase: Once you've purchased the British accent program 'full' or lite' you will then be given the option to purchase the separate audio package before you check out with your products in our ejunkie shopping cart.

  Gain the respect you want from your peers, colleagues and students with Speak More Clearly. You can practise your British accent on the go, anytime you want with your smartphone or mp3.

Secure Payment and Instant Download

We use Paypal to make sure your online payment is secure. We never see your credit card details and you are protected by Paypal’s online purchasing policy. You can download your program now by clicking on the ‘complete purchase’ link. Your download should start immediately. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to download.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I understand that you guarantee my total satisfaction with this material and I will be totally impressed by the quality and authenticity. If I am not completely convinced, within 60 days I may ask for and will receive a complete 100% refund of all fees paid, no questions asked.

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I downloaded the course 3 weeks ago. It's fantastic! I work every day on it and it's really very helpful to me. Now I hear the difference... A. Sanchez (Swiss) Read full testimonials
I am helping a Thai friend who has some reading and writing skills but lacks any listening or speaking skills. After only 3 weeks his "Thai" accent... C. Cooke (Thailand) Read full testimonials
I am very pleased with your programs / speaking sessions. I am training my voice and have noticed great improvements. After I have recorded myself... Dr J. Luxum (USA) Read full testimonials
I've been public speaking for over 20, but I was never happy with the sound of my voice. Even though I'm very tall, I thought my voice was... Dr K McIsaac (Australia) Read full testimonials
I just want to say that you have an excellent product. Very good value for money. With only days practise I have seen a big change on myself. I had... Ensermu W. (Ethiopian) Read full testimonials
The new format British manual is really good and the link to the MP3 file is perfect to work in a computer. The videos are really good as well, the... F. Santisteban (Spain) Read full testimonials

Instant Download

Start improving your British Accent... TODAY!

The Full Version is our best value offer. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using "Speak More Clearly"  to learn correct British pronunciation.

60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee


British Conversations

Do you need more examples and material to practise clear speech ?

Hear people conversing about everyday topics and life situations.  Learn new English vocabulary, idioms and sentences for speaking more clearly with confidence in your every day conversations. For a list of topics click on the more details button, now.

  • Mastery in speaking English more clearly
  • Confidence talking about everyday topics and use of idioms
  • Great for learning the stress and melody patterns of English.
More details and Buy Only £16, immediate download. 60 day money-back guarantee

British Business English

 Speak more like a British person and become easier to understand in work and in business situations in the UK. Some of the topics covered are:  Answering the phone; Job interviews and meetings;  Giving presentations.

  • Fit in at work better and understand what is being said
  • Speak business English more effectively
  • Manage situations at work in a professional manner.
More details & Buy Only £16, immediate download. 60 day money-back guarantee

Private Coaching

One-on-one with Esther Bruhl

Wouldn't it be good if you could reduce your accent in English more quickly? Get personalised help and support.

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Job Interviews

Secrets to getting a great job

Get the edge on the competition in that important job interview. We can help you be more successful.

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Voice Training

Improve your speaking voice

Learn how to speak with an impressive, commanding voice and win the trust and respect of others.

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