In 100 online lessons, Esther teaches you how to gain confidence in English and get an Aussie accent.


Speech expert Esther Bruhl has used her 35 years of experience as a speech therapist to put this life changing course together.

Do you want to speak English clearly and confidently?

Improve your accent in English. Accent reduction

  • Sick of being asked to repeat yourself?
  • Tired of people not understanding you?
  • Worried about losing your job or no one hiring you?
  • Can’t understand native English speakers?
  • Trouble being understood on the phone?
  • Embarrassed or shy in social situations?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then I have great news for you!

You CAN CHANGE YOUR ACCENT and start speaking English like an Australian native. In just 15 minutes a day, get clear, confident, English speech. Simply login, and access the course online, from any of your devices.

You need to know the RIGHT way to practise. The Australian Accent Online Course gives you all the training you need to improve your English pronunciation.

You’ll be on your way to sounding like a native Australian speaker in no time at all!

Join 40,000 students from 32 countries who improved
their English Pronunciation, and now speak with an Australian accent
Try the Australian Accent Online Course today!


Watch how to place your mouth for each sound. Master English pronunciation with native English trainers. Start simple and get more advanced.


Improve your ear’s ability to hear correct pronunciation by using the auditory immersion technique. Quickly and effectively change your accent in English. 


Downloadable worksheets with practice words, sentences, paragraphs & dialogues to keep you on track. 


Learn From World Leading Speech Expert Esther Bruhl

Esther Bruhl is the Founder of Speak More Clearly and creator of the Speak More Clearly courses


Esther is a world leading Speech and Language Therapist with over 30 years experience. She created Speak More Clearly to help people speak English clearly, with confidence.
Speak More Clearly courses have helped people from over 42 countries around the world. Esther has trained people from all over the world and helped them to achieve incredible results including being hired in top marketing roles for multinational companies.
Esther has coached international human rights lawyers, top public speakers, division managers of multinational companies, and many more.
Esther has spoken as a Pronunciation Expert in media outlets such as the Sydney Morning Herald, SBS and 2UE and has been featured on podcasts and other channels such as All Ears English and Business Blueprint.
Speak More Clearly training and videos have reached over 2 million people around the world.
In creating the Speak More Clearly training courses, Esther’s goal is to provide the best tools to empower people to speak clearly and confidently in English.

Join 40,000 students from 32 countries who improved
their English Pronunciation, and now speak with an Australian accent
Try the Australian Accent Online Course today!

I wish to express my profound thanks and appreciation for your support and encouragement in taking me through the Australian Accent Online Course. The materials and supporting resources you provided went a long way to improve my confidence in speaking clearly to other English speakers. This has gradually led me to overcome the embarrassment of being asked to repeat myself during conversation at different levels.

-Manie |Sierra Leone

I bought the accent course a couple of weeks ago. It really helped me to make a quick remarkable progress. Thank you for your useful programmes and for your innovative ideas to help us in language improvement.

-Mona |United Arab Emirates

I have been a student of Speak More Clearly since 2019. Even though I have been speaking English at work in professional settings for a long time, I often had to repeat myself to get my message across to others. This was very challenging, especially when I was interviewing for a new work opportunity with an international company. After taking the course, I was able to articulate myself better. It helped me identify the areas I needed  to improve. After 6 months of taking the course, I landed a new job that I dreamed of. I am still improving my English speech skills with Speak More Clearly.  

-Andy |Senior Manager /Global Media & Advertising Agency


Why You Struggle To Change Your English Accent

Why is it so difficult to change your accent? After working with thousands of non-native English speakers (many of whom have lived, or live in an English speaking country) we discovered the 7 common reasons why people struggle …

  • You have no one to practise with
  • You’re too busy working in a job or studying
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You feel you’re too old to change
  • You don’t know how to change your accent
  • You can’t afford expensive private lessons
  • You tried other pronunciation training programs that didn’t work

When you follow our easy, step-by-step lessons, you can change your accent and sound like a native Australian speaker – in just 15 minutes of practise a day!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“You Love The Course Or You Don’t Pay”


You either LOVE the course, or you don’t pay a cent. You can’t possibly lose.


30 day money back guarantee.


Your course will play in any modern
browser. Internet required.


Simply login and start learning.
No confusing technology to download.



✔  Monthly Live Lessons & Q&A with Esther

✔  2 levels of pronunciation Video and Audio training

✔  1 Level of stress & rhythm and higher level training

✔  All Past recordings of Live Lessons with Esther

$1,440 per year value

$6,000 value

$4,000 value

$600 value



$19 USD/MO
$25 $19 per month
36 Video Lessons
63 Audio Lessons
Native Australian trainers
New Lessons Weekly
Access to 6 modules (Mods 7-12 after 6 weeks)
Quizzes and Assignments
Certificate of completion (once completed course)
Downloadable audios
Downloadable PDF worksheets
Stress & Rhythm training
Intonation training
Higher level vocabulary
$75 $54 per quarter
36 Video Lessons and 63 Audio Lessons
Native Australian trainers
New Lessons Weekly
Access to modules 1-12 immediately
Quizzes and Assignments
Downloadable audios
Certificate of completion (once completed course)
Downloadable PDF worksheets
Stress & Rhythm training
Intonation training
Higher level vocabulary
Background Language
Guide (valued at $59)
$300 $192 per year
1 hour new LIVE Class with Esther every single month (VALUED AT $1,200 PER YEAR)
36 Video Lessons and 63 Audio Lessons
Access to modules 1-12 immediately (+ Bonus module)
Quizzes and Assignments
Certificate of completion
Downloadable audios and PDF worksheets
Stress & Rhythm training
Intonation training
Higher level vocabulary Training
Background Language Guide (valued at $59)
7 Week Fluency Course (value: $199)

You Can Speak English With An Authentic
Australian Accent In Just 15 Minutes A Day

By using the Australian Accent Online Course you can:
  • Speak English with an Australian accent
  • Speak with correct Australian pronunciation
  • Communicate clearly with your co-workers and get ahead at work.
  • No more fear of speaking on the phone
  • Be understood the first time you speak
  • Change, reduce or neutralise your accent and be clearly understood.
  • Understand other Australian speakers when they talk
  • Speak with confidence and don’t pause or freeze when speaking English.

6 Reasons Why The Australian Accent Online
Course Is Different From Other Courses

Why is the Australian Accent Online Course regarded as the MOST effective pronunciation and accent altering course on the market today? Check out these 6 reasons below.

Designed By Speech Therapist

The Australian Accent Online course has been designed by Esther Bruhl, a leading speech therapist with over 30 years experience in helping thousands of people improve their English clarity and accent.

Learn In 15 Minutes A Day

You don’t have to spend hours a day practising or attending boring classes. You can start improving your English pronunciation and changing your accent in just 15 minutes a day.

Scientific Learning Method

Our courses use the Auditory Immersion Technique which changes your neurology to speed up the process of getting a new accent. This technique helps form stronger connections in the speech and language centres of the brain for your new clear pronunciation.

Easy Lessons With Australian Speakers

The course uses native English speakers and everyday language to naturally and quickly improve your pronunciation.

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

No frustrating technology! You can simply login to the course from any device (internet required) and go through the lessons anywhere, anytime.

Step By Step Lessons

This course is designed in a specific order for the most effective results. Starting simple, with how to make each sound, and getting more advanced, with stress and intonation training.

The Science Behind Why This Course Gets Fast Results

Our course uses the Auditory Immersion Technique which changes your neurology to speed up the process of getting a new accent. It works by forming stronger neurological connections in the speech and language centres of the brain for your new pronunciation. “What the ear can ‘hear’ the voice can reproduce.” (Alfred Tomatis – famous Ear, Nose and Throat specialist)

You simply listen to the exercise and repeat the word or phrase. Over time your natural language skills, and the expanded ability of the ear, will cause your accent in English to naturally change to be more like the native speakers in our course.

We have included precise, detailed instruction for where to place your tongue and lips for each sound. This allows you to position your mouth for sounds you may find difficult, and practising the mouth position together with the audio input, will give you more rapid progress. Because there is no complex software, or elaborate theory it is so easy to practise! Simply listen and repeat the exercises any time you have a few spare minutes.

I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say the words properly because of my (Asian) accent. That’s when I decided to buy. I gained more confidence in speaking. I would recommend this to all migrants and all who are suffering with a speech defect.

-Clarissa |Philippines

The greatest benefit (of your program), was going back to basics and rethinking how to produce English sounds in my mouth. Taking care to learn the right sounds makes all the difference and the course is a fantastic aid! An exceptionally well-designed course I’d gladly recommend to anyone serious about learning English.

-Pasi | Finland

I think confidence is the the main benefit of this course, I am not so ashamed with my English anymore. It is difficult to find a good pronunciation program, I tried in the past without good results.
I noticed a change in my pronunciation quickly, after one or two weeks using the course I realised that I was doing several mistakes and the system helped to understand how to cure them. I decided to buy it after watched a video of Esther explaining the benefits of the program, specially when you, as a new arrived migrant, are looking for a job. I’d recommend the product to any person that is really interested to improve the pronunciation, and particularly to those migrants or foreigners that are looking for a job or a career advancement.

-Jaime | Chile

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

“Is it secure to order from your website?”
Yes, it is absolutely secure. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe and secure. We take your security very seriously.

“Does the Australian Accent Online Course really work?”
Over 40,000 people worldwide have used our training for success. Our clients all over the world are excited. They tell us that with only 15 minutes of practise a day, after only a few weeks, they already see a huge improvement in their English pronunciation. Check out these real customers who have achieved results using our course. These clients were so happy with the course that they wanted to share their stories with you.

“How long will it take me to see results?”
Our customers tell us that after just one or two weeks of daily practise, they already start to see a change in their pronunciation and speech clarity. After just 2 – 3 months, our customers have reported big changes in their accent and their ability to speak English clearly. Depending on your ear’s natural ability to pick up new sounds this time frame may vary. However, with as little as 15 minutes daily practise you will see rapid results. Of course, the more you practise, the better your results will be and the faster you will progress.

“I can’t understand others when they speak”
Would you like to be able to understand others clearly when they speak and not have to keep asking them to repeat themselves? When you listen to the audio and video lessons in the Australian accent online course you are training your ear to understand the sounds in Australian English. Once you have attuned your ear to Australian English, your brain makes connections to remember and understand those sounds. Now, when you hear native speakers talking you will be able to understand them much more clearly and easily. After all, there are only so many times you can ask someone to repeat themselves before you resort to nodding and smiling, especially in work situations.

“My English is advanced. Will this program be too simple for me?”
No – when you want to improve your pronunciation and accent in English you need to give your mouth and muscle memory a chance to learn the new movements for the new pronunciation, especially if English has sounds that your native language doesn’t have. In order for your mouth to do this you need to give your mouth practise at a simpler level of English before you can make the new sounds automatic in your everyday speech. This is why our technique is by far the most effective technique to change your pronunciation, no matter what your level of English. This means even if you are an advanced English speaker, you need to go back to basics in order to learn the correct pronunciation and sounds for your new accent. Our course is specifically designed for non-native speakers who already know how to speak English but want to improve their pronunciation and accent.

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