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Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training
“Remarkable quick progress”

I bought the accent course a couple of weeks ago. It really helped me to make a quick remarkable progress. Thank you for your useful programmes and for your innovative ideas to help us in language improvement.
– Mona (UAE/Arabic)

Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training
“Gained more confidence in speaking”

I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say the words properly because of my (Asian) accent. That’s when I decided to buy. I gained more confidence in speaking. I would recommend this to all migrants and all who are suffering with a speech defect.
– Clarissa (Philippines)

“Surprised my sister with my new accent”

You really helped me a lot, I can change my accent whenever I speak, I know how to because I now have an ear for the correct pronunciation and like you said, my accent is not the same as it was because I have done this quite a lot. Thanks plenty (the British Accent Course), was good value for money!
One day I called my sister in England and she had no idea it was me at all, could not tell, thought it was actually a Brit but voila, it was me. That’s when I knew it really had worked, I needed someone else to hear the difference and she did! I also called my brother another time who also did not recognize me. The system worked for me and I daresay for anyone who puts time into it. I still go back time to time and really enjoy it.
– Queen (Netherlands)

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FREE BONUS: Audio on the Go – valued at $24.95

  • Separate package of all the audios from the British Accent Full Course in downloadable form so you can copy them to any mp3 device
  • Copy to your smartphone /iPad /iPod /CD or any other mp3 device
  • Practise anywhere, anytime
  • Effortless success – practise on the go; in the car, train, bus or even plane, anytime you have a few spare minutes.
  • Speeds up your progress because you are listening more often, and through headphones, to achieve total auditory immersion. You are strengthening your new neurological connections for your new British accent at a faster rate.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

“You Love The Course Or You Don’t Pay”

You can “test drive” the British Accent Course for 60 days, completely RISK FREE!

Here’s how it works: Sign up and get instant access to the program today. Go through all of the audios. Try the step-by-step exercises and lessons. Start speaking clear and flowing English like a native British speaker.

If within 60 days, you’re not 100% satisfied that you’ve got the skills to speak English clearly and be understood clearly by your boss, co-workers and friends, simply send the course back to me with a short note asking for a refund, and I’ll immediately and cheerfully refund your money.

You either LOVE the program and improve your British English pronunciation, or you don’t pay a cent. You can’t possibly lose. Take advantage of this special promotion now and SAVE $130 by getting the course before this offer runs out.

Please note: this course is a digital course which can be downloaded to your computer. There is no physical package or product for this course. We will not give a refund for this reason.

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD – There is no physical package for this course.

When you purchase today you’ll be given instant access to all the materials for you to download onto your computer immediately (both MAC and PC compatible).

Lifetime Access For One Low Price!

Here’s what you get inside the course:

  • 11 Step-By-Step Training Videos featuring native British English speakers
  • 140 Audio Recordings of native British English speakers
  • 109 Page Digital Training Manual with the videos and audios inside for easy use
  • E-guide on exactly how to use the program (extra tips for clear speech and pronunciation)
  • Stress and intonation training: learn the correct word and sentence stress for Australian English
  • 3 audio dialogues with male and female trainers. Practise sentences and conversational speech
  • Fluency training: learn to speak in flowing, fluid sentences
  • Special Feature: tips to speed up your progress for 9 different background languages
  • Instructions on how to say words of more than one syllable
  • 16 vowels (a o i e u ee er ar or oo-long oo-short oe ie oy ow ay)
  • 24 consonants (p b t d k g f v th th-voiced s z sh zh ch j m n ng w h l r y)
  • FREE BONUS COURSE: Audio On The Go

60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Love the course or send it back for a full refund.

Free Bonuses: Download 1 additional course: Audio On The Go (valued at $24.95) for FREE.

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$199   $69

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