A little while ago I was brainstorming some accent reduction  ideas with the manager of a large company (Suzie), who had used my Australian accent course to gain an Australian accent. She told me about a meeting she had been in a few days earlier. She said she was a little shocked at what happened.

She had convened a meeting with 2 other colleagues from other companies to work on ideas for a particular joint project, and they had met in the conference room. Both colleagues (William and Michael), were English as second language speakers. She said that both colleagues were exceptionally skilled in their particular areas of expertise, and that’s why they were there. Anyway, as they discussed their project, William and Suzie were chattering, and joking and contributing ideas.  Michael on the other hand, was mainly just sitting there and only occasionally contributing to the meeting.

What shocked Suzie the most, was the extent to which Michael couldn’t contribute. She said his English was fine in a one to one situation, but because he didn’t feel confident with his speech and pronunciation in English, he couldn’t contribute properly to the meeting. She felt his discomfort, and was upset for him.

Take a moment and finish this sentence:

” My unclear English speech is stopping me from…..

If you found something to finish the sentence with, maybe a bit of accent reduction training is what you need.

Often highly skilled people tell me that they have trouble getting their skills recognised because their speech is unclear and they are judged on this. I have even had customers say they’ve been told in interviews that their credentials are good, but that they need to have clearer English and work on their accent reduction to get the job.

Accent Reduction Training Tip

Just change one thing and it will already make a difference to your English clarity. It will also make a difference to your listener!

Just make sure you say ‘th’ properly all the time not just 60% of the time; make sure you just change the way you say one vowel properly 100% of the time – this will make a big difference; Just make sure you link words – join the final consonant of a word to the  vowel at the beginning of the next word – e.g. ‘fit in’ becomes ‘fi tin’ 100% of the time.  Each element makes a big difference.

If you had something to finish the sentence ” My unclear English speech is stopping me from….....”. and would like to share it by commenting below, or email me at esther.bruhl@speakmoreclearly.com, I would be really interested to hear what it is.

Best wishes, Esther

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