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“Esther Bruhl, a seasoned Speech and Language Pathologist with over three decades of experience working with both children and adults, has developed a specialty in helping individuals reduce their accents. Drawing upon her extensive background in speech therapy and expertise in accent reduction, she created a program that incorporates a scientific method to improve learning capabilities by reinforcing the connections in the language center of the brain. Through her innovative approach, Esther has successfully assisted many individuals in achieving their goal of accent reduction.

In 2012, Esther and Lee’at joined forces to expand Speak More Clearly. Lee’at assumed the role of CEO and has since led the team to unprecedented heights, helping individuals worldwide improve their communication skills and feel more confident in speaking English.

Lee’at hails from a family with a strong linguistic background. Her mother, Esther, is a speech therapist, her father was an English teacher, and her brother is a translator. Given her fascination with pronunciation and accents, it was a natural progression for Lee’at to help others discover the benefits of pronunciation training. Thus, when Esther approached her with the proposal to grow Speak More Clearly together, Lee’at enthusiastically embraced the challenge.”

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Accent reduction is based on intonation. It’s how rhythm, pitch, and melody are used to group word phrases together.

Accent Reduction Exercises

  1. Syllable Stress in Words – Emphasis All languages have particular stress patterns – parts of words that are emphasized or stressed. In some languages, the emphasized part is

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Our private accent training is designed to help you advance your career and gain more confidence by becoming a better speaker.

Available Online Courses

At Speak More Clearly, our goal is to teach you how to change your speech so you can speak with confidence, be understood, and gain respect from colleagues, clients, and

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Master the American Accent

Even though American English has its roots in British English, the two can seem worlds apart if you are trying to master the pronunciation. With the proper training and enough

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