Accent Reduction- When ‘a’ says A – AUDIO training

Accent reduction- When 'a' says A

In my last lesson, I covered the most common sounds the ‘a’ letter and vowel can make. So in this accent reduction audio training lesson, you will learn about when the ‘a’ letter says its letter name – A.  In other words, how to tell if ‘a’ should be pronounced as A /eɪ/ as in […]

English Pronunciation-Speak Like a Native- 8 Expressions With ‘Run’- AUDIO Lesson

All languages have expressions that aren’t always literal, so for this training lesson, we’ll practise English pronunciation and English expressions. We’ll ‘kill two birds with the one stone!’ – another English expression and we haven’t even started! I’ve made an audio lesson below so you can hear the English pronunciation of common expressions with the […]

English PODCAST with All Ears English-3 Important Accent Reduction Tips

Hi, I’m excited to share a recent accent reduction English podcast that I did with Lindsay from the American English Language school- All Ears English! The English podcast was great fun, and we went through some great accent reduction tips and pronunciation don’ts:- How to speak clearly more quickly How to make your new clear […]

English Accent- Pronounce 16 words ending in ‘ture’ AUDIO training lesson

The suffix ‘ture’, is a common word ending, and it’s important to know how to pronounce it for your English accent. I’ve made training lessons before about how to pronounce certain word common endings such as ‘tion‘, ‘al’ and ‘el’ ; ‘ly’; ‘ous’ , and this time for English accent practise, we’re going to practise the ‘ture’ […]

English Communication Skills- 8 Top Soft Skills Employers Look For

There are lots of different aspects to English communication skills, and some of them have come to be known as “soft skills’. Soft skills can be defined as interpersonal skills that you use when you work and interact with others. These skills are important because you need these skills as well as your professional technical […]

Accent Reduction- English Rhythm – Use the ‘Pause’ Correctly- AUDIO lesson

Accent reduction- English rhythm- learn about pausing

Accent Reduction- English Rhythm – Use the ‘Pause’ Correctly- AUDIO lesson     Learning to use pauses properly is important when you’re practising accent reduction and English rhythm. It helps you sound more like a native English speaker.  If you don’t use pauses correctly when speaking English, it can change the meaning of what you’re […]

Accent Reduction AUDIO lesson-Pronounce 12 Common English Animal Idioms Clearly

AUDIO LESSON Accent reduction -12 animal idioms

I found these cool common, animal idioms, and wanted to give you a chance to learn how to pronounce these English idioms correctly, and to understand when to use them.  At the same time, you get more accent reduction practise  material. Credit Analytical Grammar/Grammar Planet   Accent Reduction Practise- 12 English Idioms 1. Night owl –a […]