Voice Training and 5 Surprising Public Speaking Statistics

Voice training - Why is it important for Public Speaking

Why is voice training important for public speaking success? Let me tell you Kevin’s story: Kevin, who is an accomplished international speaker, tells this story about one of the first presentations he ever gave. He was demonstrating a new computer program to a large audience of scientists and was up on stage, feeling somewhat nervous, […]

English PODCAST with All Ears English-3 Important Accent Reduction Tips

Hi, I’m excited to share a recent accent reduction English podcast that I did with Lindsay from the American English Language school- All Ears English! The English podcast was great fun, and we went through some great accent reduction tips and pronunciation don’ts:- How to speak clearly more quickly How to make your new clear […]

Speak English Naturally- ‘wanna and gonna’-AUDIO lesson

Speak English Naturally- gonna and wanna- Audio Lesson

When we speak English naturally, like in any other language, we sometimes contract or devolve how we say things for speed and ease. Unless you are pronouncing English as Queen Elizabeth of England does, then to speak English naturally, we often contract two common phrases. These two phrases are ‘going to’ and ‘want to.’ Oh […]

English Speaking Fluency- Practise This….

English Speaking Fluency-Practise this..

An important element in English speaking fluency is to say words ending in consonant blends in sentences, without leaving out one of the consonants. Then the next level of mastery in English speaking fluency is: To say all the sounds in the consonant blend at the end of words, and at the same time to […]

4 Great Tips For Voice training and Fitness

Voice Training- 4 Tips For Voice Fitness

While there are lots of things we can do for voice training and fitness, I wanted to give you a heads up on 4 tips that are important to keep your voice in good shape. Whether you are presenting to others, teaching, talking a lot at work or formally doing voice training, the following tips […]

English Pronunciation Training- Do You Use A Key Word Sentence?

English pronunciation training. Are you using a key word sentence?

Using a key word sentence whether you are still working on your English pronunciation training, or whether you are practising a new  accent in English, or whether you are about to do an English speaking test for Example like an IELTS test, really helps. I was listening to an actress talking on the radio the […]

10 Often Mispronounced English words and phrases

10 often mispronounced English words and phrases

These 10 often mispronounced English words and phrases caught my eye and I thought they would be useful. I have included some notes to help you to pronounce these English words and phrases. Mispronounced  English Word 1 It’s not :antartic             It’s: antarctic You need to keep the ‘c’ sound […]

5 Major Pronunciation DON’TS

5 Major Pronunciation Don'ts

Sometimes we are so busy paying attention to what we should be doing that we forget to also notice what not to do, hence 5 major pronunciation don’ts. Pronunciation Don’t 1 Don’t expect to change your accent completely to sound like a native in only  a few weeks. It takes months and months of practise to begin […]

How to Learn An English Accent using 12 phrases – Audio Lesson

How To Learn an English Accent Using 12 Phrases

Well you might wonder about how to learn an English accent using 12 English phrases. It all started when a customer asked a question! He was actually asking about phrasal verbs, and as I answered him, I realised that in just 12 phrases you can practise how to learn an English accent. Not only that, […]