How To Land Your Dream Job As A Non-Native English Speaker

Getting a Job in Australia  -How To Land Your Dream Job As A Non-Native English Speaker It’s Esther here and I have Karalyn Brown with me here! Today, we’re going to talk about getting a job in Australia if you’re a skilled migrant. Karalyn is the founder of Interview IQ and has 15 years of […]

6 Common Work Idioms

6 Common English Work Idioms Here are 6 common work idioms – English idioms commonly used in the workplace Hi from Speak More Clearly! This time I’d like to go through some common work idioms so you feel confident pronouncing them and using them correctly. These are idioms that are commonly used in the workplace. […]

8 Top Soft Skills Employers Look For

8 Top Soft Skills Employers Look For Learn the 8 soft skills in English communication. Hi from Speak More Clearly. Great to see you here! There are lots of different aspects to English communication skills, and some of them have come to be known as “soft skills’. Soft skills can be defined as interpersonal skills […]

14 Tips for Clear, Confident speech in a job interview; on the phone- Live Stream

14 great tips to speak clearly in job interviews and on the phone

Find out about 14 Clear Speech tips for job interviews and speaking confidently on the phone, with this fun live stream interview I did with the fantastic Career coaches, Naishadh Gadani and Karalyn Brown. Karalyn and Naishadh regularly run a live stream Career Care Package Program on Linkedin each week. Besides lots of great tips […]

English Pronunciation Training- Do You Use A Key Word Sentence?

English pronunciation training. Are you using a key word sentence?

Using a key word sentence whether you are still working on your English pronunciation training, or whether you are practising a new  accent in English, or whether you are about to do an English speaking test for Example like an IELTS test, really helps. I was listening to an actress talking on the radio the […]

4 Accent Reduction Tips – Make All The Difference

VIDEO: 4 Accent Reduction Tips – Speak English Confidently Hi it’s Esther here from the Speak More Clearly Accent reduction courses. I am going to go through 4 accent reduction tips that will make a difference to your clear English speech. 4 Accent Reduction Tips: Tip 1: is a tip to help you pronounce the […]

How To Improve Your English Accent – WHERE TO START

learn English accent accent reduction course

Are you someone who wants to improve your English accent but don’t know where to start? If that’s you,  this article is definitely going to help you and give you great tips. How To Improve Your English Accent- Where to start Tip 1 To Improve Your English Accent Start with what you know you have […]

Unlocking the Mystery of Pronouncing the English Dark L Sound

Unlocking the mystery of the dark /l/

Today’s tip is about unlocking the mystery of how and when to pronounce the dark English  L  sound. Have you ever noticed that the /l/ in lock and the /l/ in felt and sell sound a bit different?   The /l/ in lock is called the light /l/, and the /l/ in felt and sell is […]

Master Voiced and Voiceless Consonants in English: VIDEO

VIDEO: watch the video above to learn how to say voiced and voiceless consonants in English. Mastering English Voiced and Voiceless Consonants Do you say chump instead of jump? Or Rice instead of rise? Or bin instead of pin? These are common mistakes in English pronunciation. The trick is learning how to make the difference […]