How To Improve Your English Accent – WHERE TO START

learn English accent accent reduction course

Are you someone who wants to improve your English accent but don’t know where to start? If that’s you,  this article is definitely going to help you and give you great tips. How To Improve Your English Accent- Where to start Tip 1 To Improve Your English Accent Start with what you know you have […]

Unlocking the Mystery of Pronouncing the English Dark L Sound

Unlocking the mystery of the dark /l/

Today’s tip is about unlocking the mystery of how and when to pronounce the dark English  L  sound. Have you ever noticed that the /l/ in lock and the /l/ in felt and sell sound a bit different?   The /l/ in lock is called the light /l/, and the /l/ in felt and sell is […]

Master Voiced and Voiceless Consonants in English: VIDEO

VIDEO: watch the video above to learn how to say voiced and voiceless consonants in English. Mastering English Voiced and Voiceless Consonants Do you say chump instead of jump? Or Rice instead of rise? Or bin instead of pin? These are common mistakes in English pronunciation. The trick is learning how to make the difference […]

Vocal tone. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to teach us about this?

Vocal tone. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to teach us about this? I am sure you have noticed that different languages come with different vocal tones. By vocal tone I mean voice quality. You know how some languages or accents seem to be spoken generally with a much lower tone, or some with a more […]

/p/ Vs /b/ English Consonants VIDEO

/p/ Vs /b/ English Consonants VIDEO Hi, it’s Esther here from Speak More Clearly. This time we are going to be learning how to pronounce the difference between the English consonants / p/ and /b/ . The /p/ sound is an unvoiced sound. You don’t switch on your voice when you say it. You say […]

9 of the Most Difficult English Words

9 of the Most Difficult English Words to Pronounce VIDEO: How to pronounce 9 difficult English Words In this video you will learn how to pronounce 9 difficult words in English. I’ve given you 2 words and 2 sentences to practise with. Each sentence has extra difficult words in it, so altogether there is instruction on […]

Job Interview Questions Revealed

VIDEO: Job Interview Questions Revealed Part 2 of my job interview success talk with expert Debra Barit Watch my video above to find out: the best way to prepare mentally for your job interview the first question employers usually ask you the most common job interview questions employers ask about a fantastic new app you can use to […]

How to Speak English Clearly Podcast

Podcast: Success tips to Speak English Clearly! Listen to my podcast! I was asked to be a guest speaker on Ben Worthington’s IELTS podcast, to help his students speak English clearly and use correct pronunciation. This podcast contains loads of helpful tips for non-native speakers who want to speak English clearly In this podcast you […]

Love your vowels! Balls or bowls?

I thought I would tell you a short story to illustrate how important it is to pronounce your vowels correctly. While I was visiting Taiwan a while ago, I went to an international flower show – as I love flowers.   After walking around the vast, beautiful exhibition areas all morning, I headed to the food […]

Change Your Accent in English – Fast!

The one tip that will help you change your accent in English and save you 2 months practise!!! If you have trouble mimicking the trainer in our accent training program, or if you have difficulty pronouncing a particular vowel, word or phrase in English,  try this technique:- -Choose the word or words you need  to […]