Neutralize Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Neutralise Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Words with ‘invisible syllables’ can be tricky to pronounce because what you see isn’t what you say! Words with invisible syllables, means words where we don’t say one of the syllables in a word written with 3 or more syllables. A word in English can be broken down into letters, and also syllables. It’s important […]

English Accent Tip- How to say ts and ds words- seats-seeds

English Accent Tip- How to say ts and ds words- seats-seeds

In this audio lesson we’ll practise how to say words that are the same except for ‘ts’ or ‘ds’ at the end.  English Accent Tip 1 If the word ends in ‘ds’ (said ‘dz’), the vowel before it is said slightly longer, and has an up down quality to it.  English Accent Tip 2 When […]

Pronunciation Tips- Words with the ‘tw’ consonant cluster

I thought I would give you some pronunciation tips  on how to pronounce the ‘tw’ consonant cluster- especially at the beginning of words. I have given training on other consonant clusters before- words with ‘ts’;  words with ‘pr’;  words ending in ‘ths’.– and this time, especially as I have recently had a few students who have found […]

VIDEO How to say English Words With l And r In The Same Word

Video How to say words with l and r in the same word

Sometimes, it’s even tricky for me to say English words that have /l/ and /r/ in the same word!  Sometimes it’s tricky because the /l/ and /r/ are close together, or because the word is long with multiple /l/ and /r/ sounds in it.  Basically, to pronounce these /l/ -/r/ words well, you need to […]

Meaning Of 10 Common English Suffixes And How To Say Them

Meaning of 10 Common English suffixes and how to say them

I thought while we were on the topic (see my video-my last blog), I would also include the meaning and pronunciation of some common English suffixes and how to say them. Interestingly, I have also noticed that some people have difficulty pronouncing the ‘y’ at the end of words and sometimes leave it off. For example it’s […]

Small English Pronunciation Error with a Big Effect- AUDIO

Small English Pronunciation error with a big effect

Sometimes it’s the small English pronunciation errors that can have a big effect on being understood easily when you speak. One English pronunciation error, that people make is to leave the /s/ sound out in the /ks/ consonant blend at the end of words. This is especially common if the word after it begins with […]

English Pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’. Why you struggle.

English pronunciation of words that end in 'ly'

Why you struggle in English pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’, is because often it becomes part of a consonant blend.  Two or even three consonants said together in a row. For English pronunciation of  words ending in ‘ly’,  first you need to make sure you are saying the English /l/ correctly. Then you need […]