Pronounce These Difficult English Words ‘maths, paths’-Audio Lesson

Pronounce these difficult English words 'maths. paths'

I know it’s hard enough to pronounce words ending in ‘th’ in English, and then when you add a possessive or plural /s/ it becomes even more ‘fun’!  I would like to show you how to pronounce difficult English words such as maths and paths. As I work with students on skype, or face to […]

How To Pronounce English- Audio Training-A common Mistake

A common mistake people make when they’re learning how to pronounce English words, is to always pronounce words as they are written. There are lots of languages where how a word is written is how you you say it. Not so with English. About 80% of words in English can be pronounced more or less […]

English Pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’. Why you struggle.

English pronunciation of words that end in 'ly'

Why you struggle in English pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’, is because often it becomes part of a consonant blend.  Two or even three consonants said together in a row. For English pronunciation of  words ending in ‘ly’,  first you need to make sure you are saying the English /l/ correctly. Then you need […]

How To Pronounce 10 Difficult English Words- Audio Lesson

difficult english words pronunciation

I have had some requests from students to help them pronounce certain difficult English words, and I thought I would share them with you as well. It’s important to attune your ear to hear which syllables in longer English words are said as the weak form or de- stressed and which syllables are said as […]

How To Pronounce English Words With Misleading Beginnings

I found this interesting article the other day and wanted to share it with you. It teaches how to pronounce English words with misleading beginnings. As is the case in about 20% of English words, what you see isn’t how you say it! The article is easy to follow, and I wanted to add some […]

British, Australian and American pronunciation for multi-syllable words- Don’t get confused

I recently found an interesting analysis of the different British, Australian and American pronunciation and stress patterns for certain multisyllable words. It was interesting because it pointed out that British, Australian and American pronunciation are different for many words borrowed from French. Typically American English puts the stress on the final syllable, whereas British and […]

English Pronunciation, How to Say: Reservation

VIDEO: English Pronunciation, How to Say: Reservation. Learning the Schwa Sound. Hi It’s Esther here, thanks to everyone who sent in your most difficult English words. I have made a series of one words videos for you with some of the most difficult English words that often get mispronounced in English so you can learn […]

9 of the Most Difficult English Words

9 of the Most Difficult English Words to Pronounce VIDEO: How to pronounce 9 difficult English Words In this video you will learn how to pronounce 9 difficult words in English. I’ve given you 2 words and 2 sentences to practise with. Each sentence has extra difficult words in it, so altogether there is instruction on […]