Accent Reduction In English-Where to Start-VIDEO

Accent Reduction-Where to start

Accent Reduction-Where to Start I am often asked by customers, “Now that I’ve purchased a Speak More Clearly accent reduction course, where should I start?” A great question! Obviously different individuals have different accent reduction needs depending on their background or native language, nevertheless, there are some common areas that everyone can start with. In […]

How British and Americans pronounce ‘er’ differently- audio lesson

How British and Americans pronounce 'er'

As I listen to audio assessments people have sent me, I notice there is some confusion regarding how British and Americans pronounce ‘er’ differently especially at the end of words. If you are speaking with a British accent or Australian accent generally, you don’t pronounce the /r/ sound when ‘er’ is at the end of […]

English Pronunciation Errors That Made English What It Is Now.

English pronunciation

Hi, This time I thought I would bring you an interesting article on English pronunciation that I found in the Guardian newspaper entitled “8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today.” It’s very interesting to see how English pronunciation has developed over time and the influence it has on our current […]

English Pronunciation Tips. Pronounce ‘ed’ correctly and more!

english pronunciation tips. Speak More Clearly

English Pronunciation Tips. Pronounce ‘ed’ Correctly And More! English pronunciation can be tricky at times so I thought I would clear up some confusion with a few pronunciation tips this week. English Pronunciation Tip 1- When does /c/ say /s/? Now this one is a nice one because it doesn’t have any exceptions for a […]

How To Pronounce Words /a/ And /e/ Vowels

The Difference Between The /a/ and /e/ Vowels In the video above you will learn how to pronounce words with the /a/ and /a/ sounds in them. I have included practise words and practise sentences for the a and e vowels. You will also learn exactly how to move your mouth the produce these vowels. […]

English Pronunciation -Who else wants to Speak English Fluently?

English pronunciation- stress and rhythm for English speech fluency

You know I have talked about English Pronunciation and speaking English fluently before, but I realised I left out an important element! I have already told you about some of the elements you need to practise to speak English fluently so that you don’t sound stiff and unconnected when you speak. These are Linking, Elision, Syllable […]

Say Your name in English! The 3 Things Stopping you!

Say Your Name in ENglish. The 3 things stopping you.

Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter what you do, people still can’t get your name the first time you say it in English?  You aren’t alone. Have you noticed it’s even worse when you are on the phone? You would think that to say your name in English would be easy. After all […]

Vowel Pronunciation, ‘a’ vowel.

Pronounce English vowels the 'a' vowel

VIDEO: ‘a’ Vowel Pronunciation. Have you noticed that sometimes vowel pronunciation in English is hard because you can’t hear the difference between two different vowels? Well, you aren’t the only one!  Some vowels sound so close it is difficult. When you can hear the difference you will find it much easier to pronounce them as […]

10 great English tips for Arabic Speakers

English pronunciation tips for Arabic background language speakers

Hi, I thought this time it was the Arabic background speakers turn so here are 10 great English tips for Arabic Speakers. The 10 Great English Pronunciation Tips for Arabic Speakers: 1. Short and long Vowel sounds Make sure you pay attention to whether a vowel is short or long. For example the difference between […]

Love your vowels! Balls or bowls?

I thought I would tell you a short story to illustrate how important it is to pronounce your vowels correctly. While I was visiting Taiwan a while ago, I went to an international flower show – as I love flowers.   After walking around the vast, beautiful exhibition areas all morning, I headed to the food […]