Get a Band 7+ Score – Video Interview with Kristin Espinar

English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test with Kristen Espinar  – How To get a Band 7+ Score Want to know how to improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS® test to a 7+ in the written and spoken sections of the exam? I recently interviewed an expert teacher and coach- Kristin […]

How To Improve English Pronunciation And Fluency-AUDIO Training Lesson

How to improve your English pronunciation and fluency

If your native or  background language is syllable timed, then to master English pronunciation and fluency you will need to practise the elements of a stress timed language like English quite a lot. In this audio training lesson I have included audio training on ‘linking‘ to help you with your practise for English fluency. If […]

Ultimate Common Prefixes List – How To Pronounce Them in Words-Audio Training

ultimate common prefixes list-how to say words with them Audio lesson

Did you know the 4 most common prefixes in English are ‘re’, ‘un’, ‘dis’, and ‘in- im- il- ir’ ( these last ones are in a group as they have the same ‘meaning’ when added to a word in English). The common prefix ‘re’ can sometimes pose an English pronunciation difficulty because it can say […]

English Speech Practise Dialog AUDIO LESSON- Electricity Bill

English Speech Practise Dialog -audio training -electricity bill

It never hurts to have different practise material, so here is another dialog you can use for your English speech practise. The conversation in this English speech dialog, is a phone conversation and includes a female and male voice. Use the dialog to practise working on your speech clarity, and don’t forget to practise aloud […]