Neutralize Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Neutralise Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Words with ‘invisible syllables’ can be tricky to pronounce because what you see isn’t what you say! Words with invisible syllables, means words where we don’t say one of the syllables in a word written with 3 or more syllables. A word in English can be broken down into letters, and also syllables. It’s important […]

IELTS fluency Training lesson

English Pronunciation fluency -training lesson

A major element for great IELTS results is English pronunciation fluency.  You need to be able to hear and use the English weak and strong forms in words of more than one syllable. I have written about this before, but this time I want to actually train you to attune your ear to be able […]

5 Major Pronunciation DON’TS

5 Major Pronunciation Don'ts

Sometimes we are so busy paying attention to what we should be doing that we forget to also notice what not to do, hence 5 major pronunciation don’ts. Pronunciation Don’t 1 Don’t expect to change your accent completely to sound like a native in only  a few weeks. It takes months and months of practise to begin […]

English Accent Training Part 4. English Stress and Intonation. Linking And Elision

English Accent Training- stress and intonation- Linking and Elision

Have you ever wondered how to sound more flowing when you speak English ? Then you need to master using Linking and Elision in your English accent training. These two elements make your words flow together more. If your background language is one where every syllable is said evenly, a syllable timed language, the rhythm […]