English Pronunciation tip- Sounds the ‘a’ Letter and Vowel Can Say

English Pronunciation - What the 'a' letter can say

In thinking about this English pronunciation tip for sounds the ‘a’ letter and vowel can say, I need to first explain something. If your background language is a phonetic language, then reading and pronouncing English can be quite confusing. A phonetic language is one where you write the words exactly as they are spoken, or […]

Accent Reduction- When ‘a’ says A – AUDIO training

Accent reduction- When 'a' says A

In my last lesson, I covered the most common sounds the ‘a’ letter and vowel can make. So in this accent reduction audio training lesson, you will learn about when the ‘a’ letter says its letter name – A.  In other words, how to tell if ‘a’ should be pronounced as A /eɪ/ as in […]

English Accent Reduction- 80% Of The Road To Success is…..

So what is 80% of the road to success in English accent reduction? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the sounds, stress patterns etc that you may need to work on for your accent reduction? It’s natural to feel this, but 80% of the road to success for clear English speech, is to just […]

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us

How to l;earn an English accent- 5 tips Actors can teach us

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us I was recently talking to an actress about how to learn an English accent (or other accent) that wasn’t her native English accent.  She said she used ‘layering’. She said she listened over and over to someone speaking with the accent she […]

Stop Being Confused- What sound is this in English?

What sound is this in English

Because English letters can say more than one sound, sometimes it can become quite confusing and students ask me ‘what sound is this in English?’ The vowels in English can be especially confusing. This time I thought I would address the ‘a’ letter/vowel and hopefully reduce the confusion. What English sound is this? In British […]

How British and Americans pronounce ‘er’ differently- audio lesson

How British and Americans pronounce 'er'

As I listen to audio assessments people have sent me, I notice there is some confusion regarding how British and Americans pronounce ‘er’ differently especially at the end of words. If you are speaking with a British accent or Australian accent generally, you don’t pronounce the /r/ sound when ‘er’ is at the end of […]

How To Pronounce English- Audio Training-A common Mistake

A common mistake people make when they’re learning how to pronounce English words, is to always pronounce words as they are written. There are lots of languages where how a word is written is how you you say it. Not so with English. About 80% of words in English can be pronounced more or less […]

Understand English Vowels – Fine Tune Your Knowledge

English Vowels

Did you know that English vowels in certain word endings have different meanings? If you know the meanings, it’s easier to understand what  the word means, and to pronounce the word correctly. This helps you speak more clearly, and helps you speak English better if you know what ending to apply. As well as this, […]

English Vowels. 4 Great Tips. Don’t cut them short.

English vowels . 4 great tips . don't cut them short

If you don’t want people to keep asking where you are from… and if you don’t want people to keep saying ‘excuse me?’.. make sure you learn to say the English vowels correctly.  Besides mimicking the vowel exactly, you need to be careful not to cut them short in words, especially in longer sentences.  When […]

Next level English Pronunciation. When Silent ‘e’ Isn’t Silent- Audio lesson

next level English pronunciation when 'e' isn't silent

  There are lots of little tricks  to next level English pronunciation. One of them is to know when the silent ‘e’ isn’t silent, and when it’s used as a ‘buffer vowel’. A buffer vowel is a vowel that isn’t normally pronounced, but that does get pronounced in certain situations. So silent ‘e’ is normally silent, […]