Speak English Like A Native – VIDEO

Speak English Like A Native – VIDEO Hi, Esther here from Speak More Clearly – in this video you will learn great tips on how to speak English like a native! A super useful tip to speak English like a native speaker is to use contractions when you speak. Otherwise, your speech sounds very formal, […]

Take your Accent Reduction to the next level. The Surprising “A” Factor

What is the surprising “A” factor , and how does it take your accent reduction to the next level? After you have worked on the more obvious elements of accent reduction such as grappling with the /r/ sound, the ‘th’ sounds, pronunciation of vowels and stress timing and rhythm in English, you may want to […]

Pronounce 5 English Idioms Correctly

VIDEO: Learn How To Pronounce 5 English Idioms Correctly Hi, it’s Esther from Speak More Clearly It can be embarrassing if you don’t know how to pronounce some common English idioms, or you don’t know what they mean, so let’s practise 5 of them together. The first English idiom is: Be glad to see the […]

How Bonnie Learnt To Speak Like A Native In English

Meet Bonnie Lifang. Bonnie who is originally from China, moved to Australia to pursue new opportunities. She was frustrated because no matter how hard she tried, or how much she spoke with her local friends, she still had a very strong Chinese accent. She found it difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds in English, especially multi-syllabic words, and she […]

English Pronunciation. The Law of Starting Simple.

English pronunciation. The Law of Starting Simple.

Sometimes I am asked this question: “My English is very good so is your accent training program too simple for me?” Let me ask you a question?  Do you know how to drive a car, or motor scooter, or ride a bicycle? Did you become a master at it the minute you began driving or riding? Didn’t […]

Speak Fluent English with Confidence Under Pressure

speak fluent English under pressure speakmoreclearly.com

Have you ever noticed that when you are under pressure to speak fluent English you may stumble more than usual, or speak faster than you want to and become unclear? It can be frustrating! Just when you want to speak fluent English with confidence under pressure, your usual  fluent speech eludes you! Well I have […]

How to Understand Spoken English

Speak More Clearly -Understand spoken English

Understand Spoken English Better Recently, I received an email from someone who had a query about understanding spoken English. I am always very grateful for your email questions. This helps me understand what difficulties you have and how to solve them. In this email, my customer shared something interesting with me. He had studied and […]

The Top 3 Job Interview Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes and how to overcome them… Recently I interviewed Debra Barit who is an expert in helping people prepare themselves for that all important job interview. Debra gave some special tips and I want to share 3 really great ones with you. (Watch out for my video interview with Debra – coming […]

VIDEO: How to use Elision in English

 Get a Sneak Peak Inside my Accent Training Program … I am giving you one of the fantastic videos in my accent training program for FREE. I wanted to share it with you so you can learn how to use elision in English and sound more natural when you speak. Speak like a Native by Mastering Elision in […]