English Language And Speech Secret- Sound like a native speaker- Collocations-AUDIO

English language and speech -collocation-audio lesson

An integral part of sounding like a native English speaker in your English language and speech is to use collocations. Why is the use of collocations so important for English language and speech? Collocations are important to know in order to boost your vocabulary, fluency, written discourse generally, and overall writing and speaking scores on the […]

English Common Endings ‘al’ and ‘el’ Pronounce Correctly- VIDEO

VIDEO English common endings 'al' and 'el' pronounce correctly

How to say words with English Common Endings ‘al’ and ‘el’   Most English common endings are said with a schwa vowel as they aren’t the most important part of the word. Having said that, English common endings or suffixes, do give us information about the word. I have chosen to make a video about the […]

5 Great Tips To Learn An Australian Accent

learn Aussie accent how to do

If you are from a non- English speaking background, you will know how frustrating it can be to miss out on opportunities because of a strong accent in English. A candid client of mine recently summed it up. The recruitment people in his department told him that his accent was holding him back from reaching […]