Take your Accent Reduction to the next level. The Surprising “A” Factor

What is the surprising “A” factor , and how does it take your accent reduction to the next level? After you have worked on the more obvious elements of accent reduction such as grappling with the /r/ sound, the ‘th’ sounds, pronunciation of vowels and stress timing and rhythm in English, you may want to […]

Clear English Pronunciation – It doesn’t take long.

clear English Pronunciation

The other day I was reminded of a story I wanted to  share with you… I was eating lunch in a park earlier this year, enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather, when I noticed a young lady calling out to the people passing by.  She was holding a pile of brightly coloured sponge New Years hats. […]

English Pronunciation -Who else wants to Speak English Fluently?

English pronunciation- stress and rhythm for English speech fluency

You know I have talked about English Pronunciation and speaking English fluently before, but I realised I left out an important element! I have already told you about some of the elements you need to practise to speak English fluently so that you don’t sound stiff and unconnected when you speak. These are Linking, Elision, Syllable […]

Say Your name in English! The 3 Things Stopping you!

Say Your Name in ENglish. The 3 things stopping you. speakmoreclearly.com

Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter what you do, people still can’t get your name the first time you say it in English?  You aren’t alone. Have you noticed it’s even worse when you are on the phone? You would think that to say your name in English would be easy. After all […]

You Can’t Lose your Accent if you are an Adult. Is this True?

you can lose your accent even as an adult

You Can’t Lose your Accent if you are an Adult.  Is this True? Can you lose your accent if you are an adult is a question that comes up often. When we are children and learning our native language, the neurological centres that are our language listening centres, are very plastic and wide open.  It […]