VIDEO- How to Say ‘wor’ Words- Don’t say walk for work

English Pronunciation- VIDEO Lesson- How to say 'wor' words correctly

English Pronunciation – How to Say ‘wor’ Words Correctly   Often students can become quite confused about how to pronounce words spelled with ‘wor’, and especially the word ‘work.’ Because of the ‘or’, they often say ‘walk’ for ‘work.’ Check out this training video and find out about the ‘wor’ rule. ‘Wor’ Words work worst […]

Neutralize Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Neutralise Your Accent-Words With Invisible Syllables

Words with ‘invisible syllables’ can be tricky to pronounce because what you see isn’t what you say! Words with invisible syllables, means words where we don’t say one of the syllables in a word written with 3 or more syllables. A word in English can be broken down into letters, and also syllables. It’s important […]