How To Pronounce Words /a/ And /e/ Vowels

The Difference Between The /a/ and /e/ Vowels In the video above you will learn how to pronounce words with the /a/ and /a/ sounds in them. I have included practise words and practise sentences for the a and e vowels. You will also learn exactly how to move your mouth the produce these vowels. […]

Voice Training Tips to Stop Saying: I Hate My Voice!

voice training English sounds speak more clearly

Why you say: I hate my voice Have you ever thought “I hate my voice”? Studies show over 70% of people hate their voice so you’re not alone! A lot of people hate their voice because they are not using it properly.In my video above, I interview voice training expert, Jocelyn Priestley on the elements that contribute to […]

the trick to pronounce the tr sound

speak more clearly how to pronounce tr sound in English

  VIDEO: Learn the trick to pronounce the tr sound in English    [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”7556723″] Watch my video to learn how to pronounce the tr sound in English My video contains lots of English words and sentences for you to practice your pronunciation with so you can learn to speak more clearly. in this […]

Job Interview Questions Revealed

VIDEO: Job Interview Questions Revealed Part 2 of my job interview success talk with expert Debra Barit Watch my video above to find out: the best way to prepare mentally for your job interview the first question employers usually ask you the most common job interview questions employers ask about a fantastic new app you can use to […]

How to Pronounce Silent Letters in English

Latest Video: How to Pronounce 20 English Words with Silent Letters! Watch my video above you will learn how to pronounce English words with silent letters in them. I show you how to pronounce 2o words with silent letters and give you practise exercises so you can master silent words in English. In this video you […]