Next level English Pronunciation. When Silent ‘e’ Isn’t Silent- Audio lesson

next level English pronunciation when 'e' isn't silent

  There are lots of little tricks  to next level English pronunciation. One of them is to know when the silent ‘e’ isn’t silent, and when it’s used as a ‘buffer vowel’. A buffer vowel is a vowel that isn’t normally pronounced, but that does get pronounced in certain situations. So silent ‘e’ is normally silent, […]

Take your Accent Reduction to the next level. The Surprising “A” Factor

What is the surprising “A” factor , and how does it take your accent reduction to the next level? After you have worked on the more obvious elements of accent reduction such as grappling with the /r/ sound, the ‘th’ sounds, pronunciation of vowels and stress timing and rhythm in English, you may want to […]

Say Your name in English! The 3 Things Stopping you!

Say Your Name in ENglish. The 3 things stopping you.

Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter what you do, people still can’t get your name the first time you say it in English?  You aren’t alone. Have you noticed it’s even worse when you are on the phone? You would think that to say your name in English would be easy. After all […]

Vowel Pronunciation, ‘a’ vowel.

Pronounce English vowels the 'a' vowel

VIDEO: ‘a’ Vowel Pronunciation. Have you noticed that sometimes vowel pronunciation in English is hard because you can’t hear the difference between two different vowels? Well, you aren’t the only one!  Some vowels sound so close it is difficult. When you can hear the difference you will find it much easier to pronounce them as […]