Voice Training and 5 Surprising Public Speaking Statistics

Voice training - Why is it important for Public Speaking

Why is voice training important for public speaking success? Let me tell you Kevin’s story: Kevin, who is an accomplished international speaker, tells this story about one of the first presentations he ever gave. He was demonstrating a new computer program to a large audience of scientists and was up on stage, feeling somewhat nervous, […]

3 Public Speaking Tips- Easy and Effective

3 Public Speaking Tips- Easy and effective

I’d like to share 3 great public speaking tips that you can use to increase your confidence, and have your words ‘land well’. You can use these tips whether you’re speaking in a meeting or presenting to a whole lot of people. Public Speaking Tip 1- Have Your Words Land Well Try this exercise from […]

Speaking and Presentation Skills- Speech Transitions

speaking and presenting skills

Even if you don’t have to present or speak in front of a huge audience, it’s always very handy to have some tips about speaking and presentation skills. You may need to chair a meeting, or present to a meeting at work. Speaking and presentation skills, can give you more confidence to speak up in […]

4 Great Tips For Voice training and Fitness

Voice Training- 4 Tips For Voice Fitness

While there are lots of things we can do for voice training and fitness, I wanted to give you a heads up on 4 tips that are important to keep your voice in good shape. Whether you are presenting to others, teaching, talking a lot at work or formally doing voice training, the following tips […]

Voice Training. Presentation Tips – make an impact.

voice training.presentation skills-make an impact

BE MORE EXPRESSIVE AND ADD ‘COLOUR’ TO YOUR SPEECH Remember, your message may be very interesting, but a major part of getting it across is how you present it. Think of a time when something exciting or exasperating happened. Or maybe you went on a good holiday, or participated in an activity that really made […]

Vocal tone. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to teach us about this?

Vocal tone. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to teach us about this? I am sure you have noticed that different languages come with different vocal tones. By vocal tone I mean voice quality. You know how some languages or accents seem to be spoken generally with a much lower tone, or some with a more […]

Speak Fluent English with Confidence Under Pressure

speak fluent English under pressure speakmoreclearly.com

Have you ever noticed that when you are under pressure to speak fluent English you may stumble more than usual, or speak faster than you want to and become unclear? It can be frustrating! Just when you want to speak fluent English with confidence under pressure, your usual  fluent speech eludes you! Well I have […]

Voice Training Tips to Stop Saying: I Hate My Voice!

voice training English sounds speak more clearly

Why you say: I hate my voice Have you ever thought “I hate my voice”? Studies show over 70% of people hate their voice so you’re not alone! A lot of people hate their voice because they are not using it properly.In my video above, I interview voice training expert, Jocelyn Priestley on the elements that contribute to […]