Dis­cov­er How Bonnie’s Aus­tralian Accent Train­ing Helped Her Build Deep­er Rela­tion­ships…

How Accent Train­ing Helped Bon­nie


Meet Bon­nie Lifang Xi. Bon­nie who is orig­i­nal­ly from Chi­na, moved to Aus­tralia to pur­sue bet­ter work oppor­tu­ni­ties. Bon­nie already had great Eng­lish lan­guage skills but she was frus­trat­ed with her accent. No mat­ter how hard she tried, or how much she spoke with her native Eng­lish speak­ing friends, she still had a strong Chi­nese accent. Bon­nie strug­gled to pro­nounce cer­tain words and sounds in Eng­lish. She want­ed to gain con­fi­dence when she spoke. Bon­nie was look­ing for an accent train­ing course that could help her, that’s when she came across Speak More Clear­ly.

Bon­nie want­ed to build deep­er rela­tion­ships with her col­leagues, boss­es and friends. She want­ed to sound more ‘Aussie’ so she could fit in with her peers and be under­stood clear­ly when she spoke Eng­lish.

Bon­nie got the Speak More Clear­ly Accent Train­ing Course and learnt how to pro­nounce Eng­lish con­so­nants and Eng­lish vow­els cor­rect­ly. She gained new, cor­rect, mus­cle mem­o­ry for her Eng­lish speech. She was able to improve her Aus­tralian Accent and her Eng­lish flu­en­cy. She also dis­cov­ered how to speak with cor­rect into­na­tion and stress which made her con­ver­sa­tions smoother. Her new speech allowed her to speak Eng­lish con­fi­dent­ly.

Bon­nie was also able to build bet­ter rela­tion­ships with co-work­ers and boss­es by using the course to improve her Eng­lish accent and gain con­fi­dence in her Eng­lish speech. Bon­nie now sounds like a native Eng­lish speak­er!

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Bon­nie  has been able to get ahead in her career and has worked at high lev­el posi­tions for Orange Ener­gy Aus­tralia as well as oth­er big com­pa­nies as a result of her new con­fi­dent Eng­lish speech and clear accent.

If you are like Bon­nie and know that with a bit of prac­tise and the right tools you can achieve great heights, click here for a British accent, here for an Aus­tralian accent or here for an Amer­i­can accent now to start train­ing and see what all the fuss is about!

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