How Accent Training Helped Bonnie


Meet Bonnie Lifang Xi. Bonnie who is originally from China, moved to Australia to pursue better work opportunities. Bonnie already had great English language skills but she was frustrated with her accent. No matter how hard she tried, or how much she spoke with her native English speaking friends, she still had a strong Chinese accent. Bonnie struggled to pronounce certain words and sounds in English. She wanted to gain confidence when she spoke. Bonnie was looking for an accent training course that could help her, that’s when she came across Speak More Clearly.

Bonnie wanted to build deeper relationships with her colleagues, bosses and friends. She wanted to sound more ‘Aussie’ so she could fit in with her peers and be understood clearly when she spoke English.

Bonnie got the Speak More Clearly Accent Training Course and learnt how to pronounce English consonants and English vowels correctly. She gained new, correct, muscle memory for her English speech. She was able to improve her Australian Accent and her English fluency. She also discovered how to speak with correct intonation and stress which made her conversations smoother. Her new speech allowed her to speak English confidently.

Bonnie was also able to build better relationships with co-workers and bosses by using the course to improve her English accent and gain confidence in her English speech. Bonnie now sounds like a native English speaker!

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Bonnie  has been able to get ahead in her career and has worked at high level positions for Orange Energy Australia as well as other big companies as a result of her new confident English speech and clear accent.

If you are like Bonnie and know that with a bit of practise and the right tools you can achieve great heights, click here for a British accent, here for an Australian accent or here for an American accent now to start training and see what all the fuss is about!

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