Meet Kazuhiro Imafuku. Kazu who is originally from Japan, moved to America to pursue his acting career. Kazu was frustrated because he had a very strong accent when he spoke English and he felt embarrassed when he made mistakes in English. Kazu had difficulty pronouncing English consonants and vowels correctly because he didn’t know how to move his mouth to produce the new English sounds. He also struggled with intonation and stress in English.

Kazu got the Speak More Clearly Accent Training Course and learnt how to pronounce English consonants and English vowels correctly. He gained new, correct, muscle memory for English speech and improved his English fluency. He also discovered how to speak with correct intonation and stress which made his conversations smoother and allowed him to speak English confidently.

Kazu was also able to build better relationships with co-workers and bosses by using the course to improve his English accent and gain confidence in his English speech.

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Kazu is performing regularly as a stand up comedian and has been able to build great relationships with directors and casting agents as a result of his new confidence with his English speech.

If you are like Kazu and know that with a bit of practise and the right direction you can achieve great heights, click here for a British accent, here for an Australian accent or here for an American accent now to start training and see what all the fuss is about!

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