Sometimes it just takes a quick, easy tip to be clearer in English, and gain a clearer English accent. In this English accent audio lesson, I want to share a quick, easy tip on how to pronounce the consonant cluster ‘ts’ at the end of words.

Often, students I work with find the ‘ts’ cluster hard to say quickly in speech especially at the end of words. Often the /t/ sound gets omitted. Instead of ‘it’s’ I hear ‘is’ /ɪs/.  Instead of  ‘lots’ , I hear ‘los’ etc. 

So I wanted to share this quick, easy tip to help you with this for your clear English accent:

Take a very slight pause before the ‘ts’ to help your mouth organise itself for the consonant cluster. 

For example in the word ‘what’s’- say the ‘wha’ – make a very slight pause, and then say the ‘ts’. You can do the same for words where the ‘ts’ isn’t short for a word plus ‘is’ like in ‘what is- what’s’. For example in the word ‘cats’, it’s the same principle. You say ‘ca’- take a very slight pause, and then say the ‘ts’.

Learn how to do this in the audio lesson below.

English Accent AUDIO LESSON- Quick, Easy Trick- Pronounce the ‘ts’ Consonant Cluster



‘TS’ Words and Sentences

It’s, what’s, that’s, seats, lots, cats, wants, hearts, texts, arrangements, completes, patients, enhanced its, pushed its.

It’s his.

What’s the time?

That’s my book.

He sits on all the seats.

Lots of mail came.

She loves cats.

That’s what he wants.

That’s a lot of hearts on your text.

He read all the assigned texts.

What’s the plan for the arrangements?

It’s important she completes all the projects.

Lots of patients waited.

The design enhanced its appeal.

The cat pushed its bowl over the mats.

Let me know in the comments below how you go with this tip.

Best wishes, Esther

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