English Accent- Whats the one question everyone answers 'yes'

Eng­lish Accent – What Is The One Ques­tion Every­one Answers- “YES”?

Over the many years I have worked with peo­ple on their Eng­lish accent, the one ques­tion every­one answers yes to is, “Do you want to feel more con­fi­dent when you speak in Eng­lish?”  Of course the answer is always ‘yes’. It’s embar­rass­ing and some­times makes us feel stu­pid if we can’t speak cor­rect­ly or clear­ly.

Recent­ly I had this expe­ri­ence myself. I need­ed to do some speech ther­a­py ses­sions in a sec­ond  lan­guage that I hadn’t spo­ken in a while. It felt uncom­fort­able at first, and I was afraid of look­ing like a fool. As well as  this, my mouth had to get used to mov­ing in a dif­fer­ent way from when I use my Eng­lish accent. It was like my mouth need­ed to ‘lim­ber up’ with prac­tise, just like when we do exer­cis­es and our body begins to feel more flex­i­ble and flow­ing. My mouth need­ed to ‘lim­ber up’!

Eng­lish Accent Prac­tise Tip To ‘Lim­ber Up Your Mouth’

Find a short para­graph in a book, mag­a­zine, text, or write a ‘script’ of what you have to say often at work or social­ly.’

Prac­tise read­ing that same text aloud to your­self every day for 5 days.

Then choose a dif­fer­ent one and do the same.

At the same time you could also prac­tise an Eng­lish accent ele­ment you have been work­ing on.

At the end of the 5 days your mouth should be feel­ing more flow­ing and flex­i­ble say­ing the Eng­lish words- ‘lim­bered up.’

Because we need to prac­tise ‘lim­ber­ing up’ in our mouth for any lan­guage includ­ing speak­ing with an Eng­lish Accent, what we did was cre­ate the Speak More Clear­ly accent reduc­tion cours­es so that you would have lots of prac­tise mate­r­i­al to mas­ter your Eng­lish accent. Have a look here for your free 7 day tri­al for an Aus­tralian accent. Have a look here for more infor­ma­tion on our British and Amer­i­can accent cours­es.

Best wish­es, Esther


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