Over the many years I have worked with people on their English accent, the one question everyone answers yes to is, “Do you want to feel more confident when you speak in English?”  Of course the answer is always ‘yes’. It’s embarrassing and sometimes makes us feel stupid if we can’t speak correctly or clearly.

Recently I had this experience myself. I needed to do some speech therapy sessions in a second  language that I hadn’t spoken in a while. It felt uncomfortable at first, and I was afraid of looking like a fool. As well as  this, my mouth had to get used to moving in a different way from when I use my English accent. It was like my mouth needed to ‘limber up’ with practise, just like when we do exercises and our body begins to feel more flexible and flowing. My mouth needed to ‘limber up’!

English Accent Practise Tip To ‘Limber Up Your Mouth’

Find a short paragraph in a book, magazine, text, or write a ‘script’ of what you have to say often at work or socially.’

Practise reading that same text aloud to yourself every day for 5 days.

Then choose a different one and do the same.

At the same time you could also practise an English accent element you have been working on.

At the end of the 5 days your mouth should be feeling more flowing and flexible saying the English words- ‘limbered up.’

Because we need to practise ‘limbering up’ in our mouth for any language including speaking with an English Accent, what we did was create the Speak More Clearly accent reduction courses so that you would have lots of practise material to master your English accent. Have a look here for your free 7 day trial for an Australian accent. Have a look here for more information on our British and American accent courses.

Best wishes, Esther


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