English sounds pronunciation dilemma


Have you ever thought–  “my mouth doesn’t look like that when I say that sound or word”

Recently a student came to me with a concern. They could pronounce English sounds the same as the trainer in my program, but had their lips in a different position. They thought there was a hidden trick! The description in the program manual of how to place your tongue, lips jaw etc is an important extra guide for when you need it. If you are producing the sound correctly by ear that’s great.  If not, then I have provided  a detailed description of where to put your tongue and lips etc.

Often people produce English sounds correctly just by listening, and may place their mouth slightly differently to the directions in the program.  This is definitely not a worry.

Interesting fact:  I asked native English speakers where they place their tongue  to make the /s/ sound in English. I found all sorts of variations – tongue up behind their front top teeth; anywhere in the middle behind the teeth; all the way to down the bottom behind their lower front teeth.  They all sounded the same though!

English sounds – no hidden trick. Just listening and repeating and mimicking.

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