Important British Accent Tip


This British accent tip is important because it is one of the pronunciation elements that distinguishes the British accent from the Australian and American accents. 

I also wanted to make sure you notice this British accent pronunciation tip properly. When you use our new, great online  British accent course, you need to pay attention to this accent tip throughout the course.

British Accent Tip

In Australian and American English, the /t/ becomes a flapped /d/ when:
– the /t/ has a vowel before and after it 
– when the /t/ has an /r/ before it, and a vowel after it.

For example, the word button, in American and Australian English, it’s said ‘budon’; or the word party is said ‘pardy.’

In the standard British accent, this doesn’t happen, and the /t/ doesn’t change. It’s still  said as a /t/.
So, it’s button and party.

Of course, you need to be using the British /t/ tongue placement and aspirating the /t/.

British /t/ tongue placement: tongue tip up in the middle of the bony ridge behind your top front teeth.

Practice Words


Practice sentence:

 The cotton shirt she wore to the party, had a little button.

For more free British accent training have a look here.

Best wishes, Esther

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