Improve Your IELTS Speaking Score – Tips from A Speech Therapist – Part  2

IELTS speaking tips – How to get a higher IELTS level 

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In this video, speech therapist Esther Bruhl and IELTS coach Adrian will be sharing a few tips to pass that IELTS exam. Adrian is the the founder and president of AcademicEnglishHelp, General IELTS Test Help, TOEFL Test Help.

In part 2 of our podcast conversation with Adrian and Esther, we cover the common English speech problems that most IELTS students encounter and how to avoid them to get a better speaking score for the IELTS test! In this video, we have lots IELTS speaking tips.

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What can people do to lessen stammering or stuttering in the IELTS test?

The best thing to do is get the help of a speech pathologist, however, if you can’t access a speech pathologist, the key is to practise over and over and over again. The more you know your material, the more you’ll be relaxed, the less likely you are to stammer or stutter.

(1:01) What can people do to lessen stammering


Other speech problems that students have encountered with their English speech

  • In a person’s original language, they don’t  have particular consonant or vowels so it’s harder to learn those sounds in English.
  • Cluttering- a rhythm problem. The areas in the brain that allow you to pace your rhythm (English is a stress timed language) isn’t working as it should.

(3:42) Esther shares other speech problems that she has come across with Speak More Clearly students


Tips to reduce cluttering

You can reduce cluttering by making your vowels longer will make a big impact. To be clearer in the IELTS exam, you have to make sure your vowels are long enough.

(5:17) Tips to reduce cluttering


How to emphasize vowels to sound like a native speaker

Oftentimes, non native speakers of English feel uncomfortable with those awkwardly long sounding vowels. However, you have to get used to elongating your vowels if you want to sound natural in English.

(6:21How to emphasize vowels to sound like a native speaker


Use of natural fillers – professional opinion from Esther

Fillers are fine, however, if it is used every 2 words it disturbs the communication.

(7:35) Natural fillers – considered as one of the common points of debate among IELTS students


How stretching is not just for thinking and how it can help you improve your intonation, inference, and stress

Stretching affects your intonation in English. For example if you stretch a phrase out longer, it may indicate that the person is saying one thing but means another thing.

(11:17) Esther talks about how stretching is not just for thinking and how it can help you improve your intonation, inference, and stress


How active listening can impact your IELTS score

Be mindful on how people around you speak in English.

(14:16) Esther talks about how to use active listening as a tool to get higher level scores in your IELTS exam

(15:27) How active listening can help you change your speech faster


Thoughts and suggestions from Esther

(17:25) Closing thoughts and suggestions from Esther to pass the IELTS exam


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