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Job Interview Tips that will blow your competition away!

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These fantastics job interview tips will tell you what to do and what not to do!

I am very pleased to have Debra Barit with me. Debra is an expert in helping people prepare for that all important job interview.

In this video Debra will be giving us some very practical job interview tips you can start using straight away.

Esther: Debra hi and welcome.

Q 1)To start with could you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Debra: I work with people who are preparing for job interviews and who find job interviews difficult. The reason that the training I provide is successful is because it’s individualised and meets the requirements of each client based on their particular job specification their needs and their skill set. Approximately 80% of my clients are successful at interview.

 Esther: That’s fantastic!

Esther: Q 2) What have you found are the three most common problems for professionals when they are preparing for a job interview, and especially for people whose second language is English?

Debra:  1) – Firstly, they prepare in their native tongue and then when they translate it to English it doesn’t flow grammatically.

2)– Secondly, Don’t understand the context of the position-rely on technical not overall skills set.

3)- Have difficulty answering questions concisely and using a common language between them and the prospective employer. This common ‘language’ creates connection and can have the employer see you as ‘one of us’.

Esther: Q3   What tips do you give people to help them with these common problems?

Debra: To help them have more flowing grammar I suggest 3 things-

  • Listen to radio particularly talk programs such as news, current affairs and talk back radio. They need to tune in to how everyday common language flows e.g. Mernoush attuned her ear and practised speaking

Esther: Yes, you know what? People think they can’t learn a new language or learn new pronunciation because they didn’t immigrate when they were young. This isn’t true. The brain is plastic. With enough practise this can change. Many people use my accent reduction programs and find they can become clearer in English. You can see their confidence growing as their pronunciation and language improve especially when they go for a job interview and get the job.


  • Another recommendation I make is to talk to someone in English every day- force yourself to have a conversation for half an hour every day.
  • If they are a technical person- scientist, engineer, medical professional or in I.T.- read technical journals to get the type of language used.

When they don’t understand the context of the position I suggest a couple of things-

  • First, I suggest they read the whole ad carefully not just look at the technical parts. Look up the company- look at what they do- products, services etc. This gives idea of overall what the employer wants and information to answer questions they will be asked such as- time management, team work/team player, communication skills/ behaviours.
  • Often the 1st contact is on the phone and they may be unclear on the phone.

Tip- make sure you are in a quiet environment otherwise say isn’t a good time and ask if can ring back at X time.

First impression on the phone is important otherwise may not get to

the face to face interview.

Esther: You know I find that often one of the most difficult things is for people to say their name clearly on the phone! I worked with a man once who was an engineer at one of the councils and he was quite frustrated because he was very skilled in his job, but had great difficulty being understood on the phone. He felt he was being judged as incompetent because his speech wasn’t clear. We worked together and he used my Australian accent training program to practise with and finally people could understand what he was saying especially when he answered the phone!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for part 2 of my interview with Debra next week.

In part 2 of Job Interview Tips you will learn:

– commonly asked questions 

– how to prepare for your job interview

– how to have the confidence to get the job


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