British Accent audio- great tip for syllable stress in English words

British Accent Audio Training (and other English accents)-Tip For Learning Word Stress

In this British accent audio training lesson, instead of focusing on how to say the de- stressed syllable, I have focused on the stressed syllable.  For some students it’s hard to use the schwa vowel to make a de-stressed syllable. Even though this lesson is titled British accent audio, the tip also applies for the other English accents such as …

Video How to say words with l and r in the same word

VIDEO How to say English Words With l And r In The Same Word

Sometimes, it’s even tricky for me to say English words that have /l/ and /r/ in the same word!  Sometimes it’s tricky because the /l/ and /r/ are close together, or because the word is long with multiple /l/ and /r/ sounds in it.  Basically, to pronounce these /l/ -/r/ words well, you need to just practise them till your …

Accent reduction- How to pronounce long English words beginning with pr

Audio: Accent Reduction-How To Pronounce Long English Words Beginning With ‘pr’

Accent reduction training in how to pronounce long English words beginning with ‘pr’, actually ‘kills two birds with the one stone’! Firstly, you make sure you don’t leave out the /r/ sound in the ‘pr’ consonant cluster. Secondly, you make sure you’re using a correct English /r/ sound, and at the same time, you get to practise correct syllable stress …

Practise how to pronounce words when the letter s says /z/

Audio lesson- How To Pronounce Words When The Letter ‘s’ Says /z/

How to pronounce words when the letter ‘s’ says /z/ To pronounce words when the letter ‘s’ says  the /z/ sound, first you need to know that the /s/ and /z/ sounds are minimal pair sounds in English. That means, they’re made with exactly the same mouth movements except that when you say the /z/ sound, you switch on your …

How to l;earn an English accent- 5 tips Actors can teach us

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us I was recently talking to an actress about how to learn an English accent (or other accent) that wasn’t her native English accent.  She said she used ‘layering’. She said she listened over and over to someone speaking with the accent she wanted to use. At different …

VIDEO training- How to pronounce 5 English words-American, British and Australian accent

VIDEO American, British, Australian Accent-Pronounce these 5 English words correctly

American, British, Australian Accent-Pronounce English Words Correctly     This time I have 5 more English words for you to pronounce correctly. These are all words that people sometimes get confused in English. Best wishes, Esther Choose:- I want to speak more clearly in a… British Accent Australian Accent American Accent  

English Pronunciation How to pronounce 'world' and other 'wor' words

How to Pronounce ‘world’ and other English ‘wor’ words AUDIO lesson

I am often asked the following question when working with English pronunciation, “How do I pronounce the word ‘world?’ ” Because of the spelling it is tricky! Is it:  world /wɔːrld/ (American) , /wɔːld/ (British/Australian)   or  world /wɝːld/ (American),  /wɜːld/ (Brit/Aussie)?? If you picked the 2nd lot where the ‘or’ says ‘er’ you were right.  So here is the secret:  When an ‘or’ …

How to pronounce English words that sound similar

VIDEO English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them

  English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them I recently asked customers which English words they get mixed up when they’re trying to pronounce them, and I got quite a few. Thank to everyone who contributed. The interesting thing is, quite a few of the English words show a confusion between the ‘aw’ vowel and the ‘oe’ vowel …

Video-How to pronounce 'banana, vitamin , process'- American, british and Australian accent

VIDEO American, British, and Australian Accents-Pronounce English words-banana, vitamin, process

Pronounce English words- ‘banana, vitamin, process’- American, British, and Australian Accents It can sometimes be confusing to know how to pronounce certain words depending on whether you need an American, British or Australian accent, so I thought I would start with these three words this time. Let me know in the comment section below if there are other words you would …

Workplace culture- American Australia, Britain

The Differences In Work Place Culture. Great Tips- America, Australia and Britain.

I recently came across a great article written by a writer in which they detail 4 great tips about the differences in work place culture in America, Australia and Britain. The author goes into the areas of Communication styles, attitudes to office romances, dress codes and work/life balance in some detail. Of course even though in all 3 countries, …