Pronunciation tip - Audio lesson-Pronounce words with the 'tw' consonant cluster

Pro­nun­ci­a­tion Tips- Words with the ‘tw’ con­so­nant clus­ter

I thought I would give you some pro­nun­ci­a­tion tips  on how to pro­nounce the ‘tw’ con­so­nant clus­ter- espe­cial­ly at the begin­ning of words. I have giv­en train­ing on oth­er con­so­nant clus­ters before- words with ‘ts’;  words with ‘pr’;  words end­ing in ‘ths’.– and this time, espe­cial­ly as I have recent­ly had a few stu­dents who have found this tricky, it’s time for ‘tw’.

Pro­nun­ci­a­tion Tips- Pro­nounce words with the ‘tw’ con­so­nant clus­ter

Tip 1

The first tip is if you can’t pro­nounce the  /w/ prop­er­ly, then learn that first.

Tip 2

Once you can pro­nounce the /w/ prop­er­ly, then add the /t/.

To make the ‘tw’ con­so­nant clus­ter, you:

-raise your tongue tip to the mid­dle of the bony ridge behind your top front teeth for the /t/

-as you drop your tongue to aspi­rate the /t/, at the same time you start to put your lips for­ward for the /w/. Your cheeks will move in a bit, and your jaw drops a lit­tle as you fin­ish the /w/.

-The /t/ is an unvoiced con­so­nant, and the /w/ is a voiced con­so­nant.

Prac­tise say­ing words with this con­so­nant blend with me in the audio train­ing les­son below. If you don’t have trou­ble with this con­so­nant clus­ter, use the words to prac­tise syl­la­ble stress in words, and main word stress in sen­tences.


Pro­nun­ci­a­tion Tips- Pro­nounce words with the ‘tw’ con­so­nant clus­ter


twist, twins, twirl, tweak, twi­light, tweez­ers, twitch, twen­ty, twelve, twin­kling, twit­ter, tweet, twig, twinkie (Amer­i­can cake), twinge, twid­dle (idiom: to sit and twid­dle your thumbs- means to sit idly and do noth­ing).


They twirled and twist­ed between the tables.

The stars began twin­kling at twi­light.

Did you see what she tweet­ed?

Are you on twit­ter?

He felt sick after eat­ing twelve twinkies.

We told the twins not to sit around twid­dling their thumbs while every­one else cleaned up.

After run­ning the marathon, his calf mus­cle twitched, and he felt a twinge in his ankle.

Best wish­es, Esther

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