Want a Perfect English Accent? Maybe you’re working too hard! 

Here’s how to get a perfect English accent by relaxing…

While working with people from all different language backgrounds the overwhelming comment I often get is ” I don’t have to work as hard in my mouth in English !”
They mean that the physical feeling of English is much lighter in the mouth (some people call it a smoother feeling).

How do you get this lighter feeling and production?

  • Don’t press as hard with your tongue and lips
  • Use the English placement of your mouth parts (see the detailed description in our audio programs) even if you have the same sound in your original language. 

Even common sounds such as /t/ and /d/ are not the same as in your original language. Look at it as a new sound to learn.

A lot of languages produce /t/ and /d/ with the front of the tongue more forward-mostly touching the back of the upper front teeth.

For English pronunciation, tap your tongue lightly on the area justbehind your front top teeth (on the gum). You can even let a little air out at the same time.

For /p/ and /b/ don’t press your lips together as hard as you normally do. You can let a tiny bit of air come out as well, especially for /p/.

Remember- make the contact of your mouth parts lighter for all your consonants. Don’t hold on for as long and don’t press your tongue or lips as hard.

Some people find this feels odd as if they are not making enough effort for the sound.  Maybe that’s a sign that you are getting close!!

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