Speak English Naturally- gonna and wanna- Audio Lesson

Speak Eng­lish Nat­u­ral­ly- ‘wan­na and gonna’-AUDIO les­son

When we speak Eng­lish nat­u­ral­ly, like in any oth­er lan­guage, we some­times con­tract or devolve how we say things for speed and ease. Unless you are pro­nounc­ing Eng­lish as Queen Eliz­a­beth of Eng­land does, then to speak Eng­lish nat­u­ral­ly, we often con­tract two com­mon phras­es.

These two phras­es are ‘going to’ and ‘want to.’ Oh and by the way, using the con­tract­ed form of these also gets you extra marks in your IELTS or oth­er Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion tests, because native Eng­lish speak­ers con­tract these phras­es when they speak.

In this train­ing les­son, we will prac­tise how to speak Eng­lish nat­u­ral­ly using these phras­es and get extra prac­tise using cor­rect Eng­lish stress and rhythm as well.

Speak Eng­lish Nat­u­ral­ly

As you may already be aware, the phrase ‘going to’ becomes ‘gonna’ /gənə/ and the phrase ‘want to’ becomes  ‘wan­na’   /wonnə/. 

Prac­tise Sen­tences To Speak Eng­lish Nat­u­ral­ly

Going to – ‘gonna’

I’m gonna go to the shops because I’m gonna get some milk for my tea.

He’s ask­ing if you’re gonna come to the par­ty.

They’re gonna need lots of chairs if they’re gonna have 100 peo­ple there.

Don’t tell me you’re gonna come to the meet­ing late.

Cus­tomers are gonna want to know when the sale starts.

She’s gonna be going home late.

My pro­fes­sor is gonna go to that lec­ture as well.

How many ani­mals are you gonna buy, ’cause you’re gonna have to feed them all your­self.

James is gonna love that present.

They’re gonna get a shock if you’re gonna do that!

Want to -‘wan­na’

Don’t you wan­na come?

He doesn’t wan­na know about it.

I wan­na buy that car.

You wan­na eat at that restau­rant?

You’re gonna wan­na see what they did to their front gar­den.

How many do you wan­na invite?

I don’t wan­na dis­turb you, but I wan­na clean the office now.

She asked if you wan­na donate to the char­i­ty organ­i­sa­tion.

I wan­na go to my sister’s (place), and then I wan­na go to the beach.


Also pay atten­tion to and mim­ic all the con­trac­tions includ­ing the pro­noun con­trac­tions such as you’re, I’m etc.

Best wish­es, Esther

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