When we speak English naturally, like in any other language, we sometimes contract or devolve how we say things for speed and ease. Unless you are pronouncing English as Queen Elizabeth of England does, then to speak English naturally, we often contract two common phrases.

These two phrases are ‘going to’ and ‘want to.’ Oh and by the way, using the contracted form of these also gets you extra marks in your IELTS or other English pronunciation tests, because native English speakers contract these phrases when they speak.

In this training lesson, we will practise how to speak English naturally using these phrases and get extra practise using correct English stress and rhythm as well.

Speak English Naturally

As you may already be aware, the phrase ‘going to’ becomes ‘gonna’ /gənə/ and the phrase ‘want to’ becomes  ‘wanna’   /wonnə/. 

Practise Sentences To Speak English Naturally

Going to – ‘gonna’

I’m gonna go to the shops because I’m gonna get some milk for my tea.

He’s asking if you’re gonna come to the party.

They’re gonna need lots of chairs if they’re gonna have 100 people there.

Don’t tell me you’re gonna come to the meeting late.

Customers are gonna want to know when the sale starts.

She’s gonna be going home late.

My professor is gonna go to that lecture as well.

How many animals are you gonna buy, ’cause you’re gonna have to feed them all yourself.

James is gonna love that present.

They’re gonna get a shock if you’re gonna do that!

Want to -‘wanna’

Don’t you wanna come?

He doesn’t wanna know about it.

I wanna buy that car.

You wanna eat at that restaurant?

You’re gonna wanna see what they did to their front garden.

How many do you wanna invite?

I don’t wanna disturb you, but I wanna clean the office now.

She asked if you wanna donate to the charity organisation.

I wanna go to my sister’s (place), and then I wanna go to the beach.


Also pay attention to and mimic all the contractions including the pronoun contractions such as you’re, I’m etc.

Best wishes, Esther

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