English Accent-Sound Natural-How to use the intrusive 'y' AUDIO training

Eng­lish Accent- Sound Nat­ur­al – How To Use The Intru­sive ‘y’ AUDIO Train­ing

When we want to be super clear with our Eng­lish accent, we do need to choose to make every sound clear­ly. We may be empha­sis­ing a point, pre­sent­ing to oth­ers, going for a job inter­view etc. Most of the time though, just like in any lan­guage, we tend to be less pre­cise. To sound more nat­ur­al with your Eng­lish accent, …

English AUDIO training- Say these 10 multisyllabic words with confidence

Eng­lish AUDIO train­ing- Say these 10 Mul­ti­syl­lab­ic Words with Con­fi­dence

In the Eng­lish audio train­ing below, I have includ­ed 10 mul­ti­syl­lab­ic words that stu­dents often have trou­ble say­ing con­fi­dent­ly. I’m asked how cer­tain mul­ti­syl­lab­ic words are said, and in Eng­lish this is fair enough! There are a few things to con­sid­er: First­ly, there is spelling to con­sid­er- is the word said how it’s spelled? Which syl­la­bles are stressed, and which said …

VIDEO training- How to pronounce 5 English words-American, British and Australian accent

VIDEO Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­nounce these 5 Eng­lish words cor­rect­ly

Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­­nounce Eng­lish Words Cor­rect­ly     This time I have 5 more Eng­lish words for you to pro­nounce cor­rect­ly. These are all words that peo­ple some­times get con­fused in Eng­lish. Best wish­es, Esther Choose:- I want to speak more clear­ly in a… British Accent Aus­tralian Accent Amer­i­can Accent  

How to pronounce English words that sound similar

VIDEO Eng­lish Words That Sound Sim­i­lar -How To Pro­nounce Them

  Eng­lish Words That Sound Sim­i­lar -How To Pro­nounce Them I recent­ly asked cus­tomers which Eng­lish words they get mixed up when they’re try­ing to pro­nounce them, and I got quite a few. Thank to every­one who con­tributed. The inter­est­ing thing is, quite a few of the Eng­lish words show a con­fu­sion between the ‘aw’ vow­el and the ‘oe’ vow­el …

Understand English Speakers

Under­stand Eng­lish Speak­ers- Why Some Peo­ple Take Longer

“How do I train my ear to bet­ter under­stand every­day speech between 2 Eng­lish speak­ers talk­ing infor­mal­ly and at nor­mal speed?” “Why can’t I under­stand Eng­lish speak­ers when they are speak­ing at a nor­mal rate?” “What do I need to do to under­stand what Eng­lish speak­ers are say­ing?” All ques­tions you may have asked, or may have heard oth­ers ask. …

!0 often used English proverbs

10 Impor­tant Eng­lish Proverbs

Often we hear a short say­ing or Eng­lish proverb that peo­ple use and some­times we vague­ly know the mean­ing, but aren’t quite sure. You can use the fol­low­ing Eng­lish proverbs and their mean­ings a) to under­stand what peo­ple are refer­ring to bet­ter, and b) to prac­tise your pro­nun­ci­a­tion with some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent than usu­al. You could record your­self as …

ultimate common prefixes list-how to say words with them Audio lesson

Ulti­mate Com­mon Pre­fix­es List – How To Pro­nounce Them in Words-Audio Train­ing

Did you know the 4 most com­mon pre­fix­es in Eng­lish are ‘re’, ‘un’, ‘dis’, and ‘in- im- il- ir’ ( these last ones are in a group as they have the same ‘mean­ing’ when added to a word in Eng­lish). The com­mon pre­fix ‘re’ can some­times pose an Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion dif­fi­cul­ty because it can say ‘ree’ /ri/ or ‘re’ /rɛ/. …

English Speech Practise Dialog -audio training -electricity bill

Eng­lish Speech Prac­tise Dia­log AUDIO LESSON- Elec­tric­i­ty Bill

It nev­er hurts to have dif­fer­ent prac­tise mate­r­i­al, so here is anoth­er dia­log you can use for your Eng­lish speech prac­tise. The con­ver­sa­tion in this Eng­lish speech dia­log, is a phone con­ver­sa­tion and includes a female and male voice. Use the dia­log to prac­tise work­ing on your speech clar­i­ty, and don’t for­get to prac­tise aloud and use link­ing and copy …

Accent Reduction Tip- You May Not Want to Do This But It Works

You May Not Want To Do This But It Works- Accent Reduc­tion Tip

There are many tips that can help in accent reduc­tion, though one main fea­ture of reduc­ing an accent or speak­ing more clear­ly in Eng­lish, is often over­looked. Stu­dents don’t always want to do this or pay atten­tion to it, because it takes effort. Some­times, if it’s a sound or accent reduc­tion ele­ment that is new to them, they don’t want …

English Intonation- How to improve it

Eng­lish Into­na­tion- How To Improve It

Eng­lish into­na­tion, or into­na­tion in any lan­guage, can be described as the music or melody of the lan­guage. It’s a pro­nun­ci­a­tion fea­ture that is about how we say some­thing rather than what words we’re using. Eng­lish Into­na­tion – The Main Ele­ments How high or low your voice is -the pitch Stress cer­tain syl­la­bles or words paus­es for where you would …