VIDEO training- How to pronounce 5 English words-American, British and Australian accent

VIDEO Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­nounce these 5 Eng­lish words cor­rect­ly

Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­­nounce Eng­lish Words Cor­rect­ly     This time I have 5 more Eng­lish words for you to pro­nounce cor­rect­ly. These are all words that peo­ple some­times get con­fused in Eng­lish. Best wish­es, Esther Choose:- I want to speak more clear­ly in a… British Accent Aus­tralian Accent Amer­i­can Accent  

Video-How to pronounce 'banana, vitamin , process'- American, british and Australian accent

VIDEO Amer­i­can, British, and Aus­tralian Accents-Pro­nounce Eng­lish words-banana, vit­a­min, process

Pro­nounce Eng­lish words- ‘banana, vit­a­min, process’- Amer­i­can, British, and Aus­tralian Accents It can some­times be con­fus­ing to know how to pro­nounce cer­tain words depend­ing on whether you need an Amer­i­can, British or Aus­tralian accent, so I thought I would start with these three words this time. Let me know in the com­ment sec­tion below if there are oth­er words you would …

The difference between British RP and American accents when t says d

Video- Dif­fer­ence Between British RP and Amer­i­can accent- When t says d

One Key Dif­fer­ence Between British RP And Amer­i­can Accents – When /t/ says /d/. Dif­fer­ence Between British RP and Amer­i­can Accent- When /t/ says /d/ In Amer­i­can Eng­lish the /t/ con­so­nant says a light, quick, flapped or tapped/d/ when: the /t/ is between 2 vow­els such as in lat­er, rat­ing. the /t/ is between an /r/ and a vow­el as …

English Speech Practise Dialog -audio training -electricity bill

Eng­lish Speech Prac­tise Dia­log AUDIO LESSON- Elec­tric­i­ty Bill

It nev­er hurts to have dif­fer­ent prac­tise mate­r­i­al, so here is anoth­er dia­log you can use for your Eng­lish speech prac­tise. The con­ver­sa­tion in this Eng­lish speech dia­log, is a phone con­ver­sa­tion and includes a female and male voice. Use the dia­log to prac­tise work­ing on your speech clar­i­ty, and don’t for­get to prac­tise aloud and use link­ing and copy …

3 tips to supercharge your accent reduction

3 Tips to Super Charge Your Accent Reduc­tion

A cus­tomer recent­ly emailed me to ask what he was doing wrong. He said he was a Doc­tor, and that he’d been lis­ten­ing to BBC radio pro­grams for a few years to help him with his accent reduc­tion. He was quite frus­trat­ed because even though he had been lis­ten­ing for years, he felt his Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion hadn’t improved. The  prob­lem …