Meet Tina Nguyen, graphic designer. Tina works for a major graphic design firm in Australia. Tina has been living in Australia for almost 10 years and her career was on track but she was unhappy with her accent and pronunciation in English. She felt like she wasn’t communicating clearly with her clients and colleagues and wished she was able to build better relationships with them.

Tina would listen to the radio and TV to try and improve her English accent but no matter how hard she tried or what she did, nothing changed, and she still had a strong native accent. She was self conscious about her unclear English speech so she decided to do something about it.

That’s when she came across the Speak More Clearly accent training course and everything changed. Tina implemented the training and it had a huge impact on her speech and on her life!

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Thankfully Tina bought the Speak More Clearly accent training course. She started practising using the audios and videos in the Australian accent course and went through the pronunciation training manual, step by step, and sound by sound. Tina practised every day and after only a couple of weeks she noticed a difference in her English pronunciation. Tina used the Speak More Clearly method to reduce her accent in English and as a result, she was able to build better relationships with her colleagues and clients. Tina now feels confident when speaking to new clients because she knows she is able to communicate clearly with native English speakers.

She has also gained confidence in her public speaking and excelled to become the Vice President of Education at Toastmasters International which is an international communication and leadership development public speaking club.

If you are like Tina and know that you have the skills to succeed but feel your accent is holing you back from achieving great success, click on an accent below now to get the accent training course and see what all the fuss is about.

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