Tips to speak confidently in meetings

Tips To Speak Con­fi­dent­ly In Meet­ings

Kel­ly Konya has writ­ten a real­ly inter­est­ing  arti­cle on the Gram­marly web­site enti­tled “How to speak up and find your voice in meet­ings”, which I want­ed to share with you as I know that no mat­ter what your work, there are always meet­ings to attend.

Some of Kel­ly Konya’s very use­ful and prac­ti­cal tips to speak con­fi­dent­ly in meet­ings are:-

  • Pre­pare for the meet­ing once you have the agen­da
  • Don’t start what you want to say by using a neg­a­tive phrase such as “I’m not sure if this is right…”
  • Avoid neg­a­tive qual­i­fiers in your lan­guage such as “just, maybe, sor­ry..”
  • Prac­tise con­tribut­ing by say­ing some­thing in the meet­ing even if you start by say­ing some­thing small or brief

Pro­nun­ci­a­tion Tips To Speak Con­fi­dent­ly In Meet­ings

  • Before the meet­ing, prac­tise say­ing any words or phras­es that you know you have trou­ble pro­nounc­ing that you need to use, espe­cial­ly longer or tech­ni­cal words
  • Even if you are only say­ing some­thing small or ask­ing a ques­tion, say it with con­fi­dence
  • Speak slow­ly to make sure you are clear
  • Breath deeply into your abdomen before you speak

If you want more in depth Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion guid­ance to help you feel con­fi­dent to speak up in meet­ings and not be embar­rassed any more, check out our accent reduc­tion train­ing cours­es .

Best wish­es, Esther


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