Tips to speak confidently in meetings

Tips To Speak Confidently In Meetings

Kelly Konya has written a really interesting  article on the Grammarly website entitled “How to speak up and find your voice in meetings”, which I wanted to share with you as I know that no matter what your work, there are always meetings to attend.

Some of Kelly Konya’s very useful and practical tips to speak confidently in meetings are:-

  • Prepare for the meeting once you have the agenda
  • Don’t start what you want to say by using a negative phrase such as “I’m not sure if this is right…”
  • Avoid negative qualifiers in your language such as “just, maybe, sorry..”
  • Practise contributing by saying something in the meeting even if you start by saying something small or brief

Pronunciation Tips To Speak Confidently In Meetings

  • Before the meeting, practise saying any words or phrases that you know you have trouble pronouncing that you need to use, especially longer or technical words
  • Even if you are only saying something small or asking a question, say it with confidence
  • Speak slowly to make sure you are clear
  • Breath deeply into your abdomen before you speak

If you want more in depth English pronunciation guidance to help you feel confident to speak up in meetings and not be embarrassed any more, check out our accent reduction training courses .

Best wishes, Esther

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