The 3 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes and how to overcome them…

Recently I interviewed Debra Barit who is an expert in helping people prepare themselves for that all important job interview. Debra gave some special tips and I want to share 3 really great ones with you.

(Watch out for my video interview with Debra – coming in the next couple of weeks!)

The 3 most common problems for people when preparing for a job interview – especially if English is your second language.

1)      People prepare in their native language and then when they translate it to English it doesn’t flow grammatically. This will confuse your potential new boss in your job interview.

2)      People don’t pay attention to the overall skill set needed – team player, social skills- they often just notice if they have the technical skills.

3)      People have difficulty answering questions concisely in a job interview, and using the same vocabulary and language that the employer uses. Therefore, the interviewer can’t ‘see’ you as ‘one of them.’

Solutions to these 3 common  Job Interview problems

For more flowing grammar:-

– Listen to the radio- talk programs such as news, current affairs and talk back radio. Tune into how everyday common language flows.
– Talk to someone in English every day- force yourself to have a half hour conversation every day.
– If you are in a technical profession, read technical journals to get the type of language used.

Implementing these simple tips will make you more confident in your job interview as well as make your English speech better in everyday life.

 Great Job Interview Tips – Get Inside the Mind of your Interviewer

For overall skills :-

– Read the whole advertisement carefully- not just the technical parts. Look up the company and see what they do. Get tips from this to answer questions you will be asked about communication skills, time management etc.

– Practise being clear on the phone as this is usually the first contact. If it’s not quiet around you when the employer calls, ask if you can ring back at another specific time.


To answer questions concisely and use ‘common’ vocabulary with the employer in your job interview:-

– Read the website thoroughly and look at the language used. Read technical magazines specific to the industry to absorb the language and phrases used. This way you can build a common language and vocabulary. Practising using this language before your job interview – this will give you confidence  when you are actually in the job interview, having to think and react quickly.

These are just 3 of the fantastic tips Debra talked about- stay tuned for my video interview with Debra- coming soon! Good luck.

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