Why you say: I hate my voice

Have you ever thought “I hate my voice”? Studies show over 70% of people hate their voice so you’re not alone! A lot of people hate their voice because they are not using it properly.In my video above, I interview voice training expert, Jocelyn Priestley on the elements that contribute to an effective or non-effective use of voice. If this sounds like you, watch my video above.

How to stop saying: I hate my voice

Watch and get practical tips that you can start using straight away to  improve the quality of your voice and sound more rich and resonant.

How the right training will make you love the sound of your voice

In my video above I talk about how you can benefit from voice training, and why it is hard to correct effective voice use yourself. A professional coach can be especially helpful if you get nervous speaking or presenting to groups of people. With the help of expert voice coach, Jocelyn Priestley, I created my voice training program which gives you an easy to follow starting point. It alos includes practical vocal exercises, so you can get a more resonant, rich and supported vocal tone.

In my video you will learn:

  • the 3 key elements for a good voice
  • how to find your optimum resonance
  • how to speak to groups of people confidently
  • how to breathe properly to speak confidently, even in stressful situations
  • how to move your mouth to speak english more clearly
  • how to use your voice correctly and effectively for presentations
  • how to move your mouth more to stop mumbling
  • how to project when speaking to groups of people
  • practical exercises to improve your breath and resonance

Get my Program here to Start Voice Training Today:

Finding Your Voice Training program Speak More Clearly


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