Why is voice training important for public speaking success? Let me tell you Kevin’s story:

Kevin, who is an accomplished international speaker, tells this story about one of the first presentations he ever gave. He was demonstrating a new computer program to a large audience of scientists and was up on stage, feeling somewhat nervous, when the computer crashed and the demonstration he had prepared, was no longer possible.

There was nothing else to do but to start talking without the visual aids. He says he remembers taking a really deep breath and started talking. To his surprise, the voice that came out was much richer and deeper than his normal voice. By breathing right into his abdomen, he had inadvertently allowed himself to relax more and had accessed his chest cavity resonance as well as the other resonating cavities more effectively!

Speakers who speak well and present confidently, use many voice training elements to support themselves.  To enhance your skills, it’s important to learn correct breath support (one of the key elements), resonance, voice projection, and how to include color and expressiveness in your voice to keep your audience engaged. Our Voice Training course was specifically designed to train speakers in these elements easily and quickly.

Beth T. who is a successful author, recently said this about our voice training course:

“This course has been transformative for me. Presented in bite-sized chunks that feel manageable, rather than overwhelming, I learnt how to use my breath to support my voice and utilise forward resonance to give more power to my speech.
For someone who has been very self-conscious about the way I speak, I’m feeling as though this course has given me the confidence to continue practicing and developing my everyday speech and a toolkit to support me in public speaking. With just 10-15 minutes of practice a few times a week, I started noticing a difference within a couple of weeks of commencing the course.I felt more comfortable doing this self-paced learning without worrying about judgement from a private coach. It’s excellent value for money, and a valuable resource I can return to as needed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their quality of speech and confidence. It has actually helped me to fall in love with speaking again, rather than avoiding it.”

5 Surprising Public Speaking Statistics

According to an article about Shocking Public speaking statistics, not developing some skills in this area can be detrimental to career prospects. The authors of the article did their own research and found statistics such as ‘Fear of public speaking inhibits promotion to management by 15%.’

So really voice training and public speaking skills aren’t separate skills, but come together to create the whole picture of a good public speaker.

Best wishes, Esther






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