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I have been work­ing as a Speech and Lan­guage Pathol­o­gist with chil­dren and adults for over 30 years both local­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly, help­ing them to improve their ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­tions skills.  My pae­di­atric work focus­es on help­ing chil­dren who have speech and lan­guage dif­fi­cul­ties as well as lan­guage com­pre­hen­sion, read­ing com­pre­hen­sion, read­ing dif­fi­cul­ties and learn­ing dif­fi­cul­ties.

My work with adults focus­es on help­ing them reduce their accents and speak Eng­lish clear­ly. It’s extreme­ly reward­ing to sup­port chil­dren and adults to be able to com­mu­ni­cate more freely and eas­i­ly, and to see what a dif­fer­ence it makes to their con­fi­dence and their lives.

Aus­tralia is a coun­try with peo­ple from many dif­fer­ent back­grounds, and peo­ple would often come to me for help so they could be clear­er in Eng­lish at their work. One of the most com­mon prob­lems peo­ple pre­sent­ed with was that they couldn’t be under­stood on the phone at work . Even get­ting peo­ple to under­stand their name was often a prob­lem!

So I start­ed devel­op­ing an accent train­ing course many years ago. Ini­tial­ly I ran this as one-on-one coach­ing or group coach­ing in my pri­vate prac­tice. While the train­ing was very effec­tive, many of the peo­ple I real­ly want­ed to help found it too expen­sive.

I had a proven method and a lot of expe­ri­ence in teach­ing peo­ple to learn a new accent but I need­ed a more con­ve­nient and cost effec­tive way to deliv­er the course. For­tu­nate­ly a friend showed me the Inter­net and on-line audio down­loads! I’ve helped hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple to speak Eng­lish more clear­ly and I know this course can help you too.

When I cre­at­ed “Speak More Clear­ly” I want­ed some­thing that was clear and sim­ple. Because fre­quent prac­tice is the key to learn­ing a new accent I want­ed the course to be very con­ve­nient to use. I’ve designed “Speak More Clear­ly” so that no mat­ter where you are, at home, in the car, in the office, or on the bus, even if you only have 5 min­utes, you can prac­tice your new accent.

Regards and Best wish­es,

Esther Bruhl

Speech Ther­a­pist and Cre­ator of “Speak More Clear­ly”

The prod­uct is very good. I have paid thou­sands for one-on-one pri­vate lessons and it was not near­ly as good as the record­ings I down­loaded.
S Fog­will (Aus­tralia)
I have rec­om­mend­ed your prod­uct to many of my Kore­an stu­dents. I am an online ESL teacher. I used to be as pro­gram direc­tor for an ESL school here in the Philip­pines.
M. V. B. Lenz (Fil­ip­ina)
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