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Get­ting Start­ed – Tech­ni­cal Help
Pay­ment Ques­tions
Pro­nun­ci­a­tion and Accent Train­ing Ques­tions

Get­ting Start­ed – Access­ing the Video and Audio


This sec­tion is for the British accent down­load­able course only.

Down­load the lat­est ver­sion of Adobe Read­er for free here. If you have down­loaded the lat­est ver­sion of Adobe Read­er and are get­ting a Flash Play­er error, make sure you have down­loaded both Active X and Plu­g­in here.

For instruc­tions on how to use the course on your smart­phone and tablet look here.

For instruc­tions on how to use Audio on the Go on your with your devices click here.

Please Note: the videos for the British Pack­age are in the British Full Pro­gram. You must open this file to access the videos.

How to use the Course on my Smartphone/Tablet

First­ly, make sure you have down­loaded the accent train­ing course to your desk­top or lap­top com­put­er (if you haven’t done this yet, fol­low our tuto­r­i­al here).  Once you have done this, you can either copy the course to your devices by using Google Dri­ve or Adobe Cloud. 

Google Dri­ve Instruc­tions:

1. First, down­load the Speak More Clear­ly course to your laptop/desktop com­put­er.
2. From your laptop/desktop com­put­er, upload the PDF file (make sure the zip fold­er has been unzipped – to do this, right click on the zipped fold­er and click ‘extract all’) to your google dri­ve.
3.  Open the google dri­ve app on your phone/tablet and click on the PDF man­u­al to view the course. Please note – you will need to trans­fer the audios sep­a­rate­ly as google dri­ve does not have the capac­i­ty to play audios direct­ly from the PDF man­u­al (see instruc­tions in the next sec­tion for trans­fer­ring the audios).

Adobe Cloud instruc­tions:

1. Down­load the free Adobe Read­er app to your smartphone/tablet.

2. Open your Speak More Clear­ly Course inside the app. To open the Man­u­al inside Adobe Read­er App:

Go to on your com­put­er first and sign in, or if you don’t have an account you can cre­ate a new one here – it’s free and quick.

Then, you will see this menu:


Select ‘man­age files’, then select your your Speak More Clear­ly man­u­al.

Once your man­u­al has been uploaded to the Acro­bat cloud go to your smartphone/tablet and open the Adobe Read­er app on your device: click on the top left cor­ner and click on ‘‘. It should look like this:


Then sign in to your acro­bat account inside the adobe read­er app.


Your PDF man­u­al should appear. If you don’t see any­thing at first when you open your man­u­al use the red bar at the bot­tom to scroll along to the next page.


And that’s it! You should be able to read the man­u­al in Adobe now! If it still isn’t work­ing you can also try open­ing the man­u­al in iBooks (you can drag the PDF into your iTunes and sync iTunes with your phone) or ePub read­er.
3. Once you have opened your man­u­al in Adobe you can click on the video icon and your videos will open up in your web brows­er on your smartphone/tablet.

You will be able to view the man­u­al and videos through the Adobe Read­er app how­ev­er, to access the audios you will need to down­load Audio on the Go sep­a­rate­ly to your devices. Click here for instruc­tions on down­load­ing Audio on the Go.

How to use Audio on the Go on my smartphone/tablet or mp3 device

You can either copy the course to your devices by using Google Dri­ve or itunes. 

Google Dri­ve Instruc­tions:

1. First, down­load Audio on the Go fold­er to your laptop/desktop com­put­er.
2. From your laptop/desktop com­put­er, upload the Audio on the Go fold­er to your google dri­ve.
3. Open the google dri­ve app on your phone/tablet and click on the audio fold­er. Click on each audio to play the clip.
4. You can play the audios direct­ly from google dri­ve or click EXPORT FILE to down­load the file.
5. Once down­loaded, click FILE Man­ag­er that’s it. The fold­er will open in the music app on your phone.

Part 1 – How to upload Audio on the Go to google dri­ve on desktop/laptop:

Part 2 – How to open audios in Google Dri­ve on smartphone/tablet:

How to copy Audio on the Go to your phone/tablet using itunes

Watch the video above for instruc­tions on how to down­load the audio and trans­fer it to your devices.

Down­load­ing our Audio on the Go pro­gram is just like adding music to your phone or any oth­er mp3 device.

The Audio on the Go pro­gram comes in the form of a zip fold­er with mp3 audio files inside.

1. First you will need to down­load the zip fold­er to your desktop/laptop com­put­er and save it to a con­ve­nient place on your com­put­er.

2. right click on the zip fold­er and select ‘extract all’, then choose a loca­tion to save your files to and click ‘extract’.

3.  You then need to copy your files from your com­put­er to itunes or your phone’s equiv­a­lent music play­er.

For iTunes:

1. Open iTunes and click file in the top left cor­ner

2. Copy and paste the audio into a new playlist in iTunes or, select ‘Add file to library…’ and select the audio files inside your Audio on the Go fold­er.

3. Then, con­nect your device to your com­put­er and click Sync.

For more trou­bleshoot­ing sup­port have a look here under the head­ing ‘Adding con­tent on your com­put­er to itunes’:

For Sam­sung instruc­tions have a look here:

Android instruc­tions:

When Will I Receive My Course?

Instant­ly! For our down­load­able cours­es – you will receive links to down­load the course imme­di­ate­ly after you pur­chase on both the order con­fir­ma­tion page and via email. If for some rea­son you were not able to down­load the pack­age, please send an e-mail to quot­ing your name, the prod­uct and the order or receipt num­ber. For our online cours­es – once you’ve signed up for the course, you will receive an email with your login details to get start­ed. If you don’t see it with­in a few min­utes, please check your junk mail fold­er.

What Do I Need To Use The Down­load­able Cours­es?

You will need a desk­top or lap­top com­put­er and the lat­est ver­sion of Adobe Read­er (ver­sion XI or lat­er). The man­u­al for the British accent down­load­able course is in PDF form with audio and video clips embed­ded into the PDF. You will need access to the inter­net to watch the videos in the course.

You need an appli­ca­tion like acro­bat to read it. You can down­load acro­bat for free from

Audio On The Go,  will work on your com­put­er, smart­phone, tablet , ipod or any oth­er mp3 device. The audio files are all MP3s, which can be played with any MP3 play­er, e.g., your smart­phone, ipad, tablet, iPod or itunes/windows media play­er. If you want to use these in your CD play­er see the notes here on how to cre­ate a CD. For the British and Aus­tralian cours­es you will need access to the inter­net to view the video lessons that are inside the course.

Prob­lems Open­ing the down­load­able course in Adobe Read­er

How to change your file asso­ci­a­tion

If you have already made sure you have the lat­est ver­sion of Adobe Read­er and you can’t open your course in Adobe Read­er because you are receiv­ing this error: ‘Adobe Read­er can­not open your file because it is not a sup­port­ed file type or the file is dam­aged.’ Such as below:


You will need to change your file asso­ci­a­tion type. Please fol­low these instruc­tions:

  1. Right click the file
  2. Go to option “Open with”
  3. Select “Win­dows Explor­er”


After fol­low­ing the above steps you will see the option “Extract All..” when you right click the file again, sim­ply select this option to extract the files and access the mate­r­i­al.


You can then open Adobe Read­er, select ‘file’ in the top left cor­ner, and open the extract­ed ver­sion of your course in Adobe.

Audio on the Go – Sort­ing By Track Num­ber (iTunes)

To get the audios list­ed in iTunes in the same order as the man­u­al you need to sort the files by “Track Num­ber” as fol­lows:

  1. Import the audio files into iTunes by using “File/Add Fold­er to Library …” menu item, then select­ing the audio fold­er that con­tains the MP3s.
  2. If the the “Track #” field is not dis­played then right click­ing on any col­umn head­er to pops up a con­text menu.
  3. Check the “Track #” item near the bot­tom of the pop-up menu.
  4. Now click on the Track # head­ing to sort the files by track num­ber.

That is it, your files should now be ordered by track num­ber.

How do I Cre­ate An Audio CD?

Our Audio On The Go pack­age uses MP3 files which can be played on your PC, iPod/iPhone or oth­er MP3 play­er.

To copy the audio from the accent course to a CD:

1. Down­load the Audio on the Go zip file that comes with your pack­age

2. Right click on the Audio on the Go zip fold­er and click ‘extract all’

3. Open iTunes (or your equiv­a­lent appli­ca­tion) and click the menu in the top left cor­ner

4. The select ‘add file to library’ and select the audio files you want. Your audio files will now be in iTunes.

Once your audio files are in iTunes you can copy them to a CD:

To cre­ate an audio CD you will need:

  • A CD writer
  • A blank record­able CD, and
  • CD burn­ing soft­ware such as Nero or Son­ic.

To cre­ate an audio CD from an MP3 file fol­low the instruc­tions that come with your CD burn­ing soft­ware.

How to Open Find­ing Your Voice: Voice Train­ing Course

If you have pur­chased Find­ing Your Voice, the laptop/desktop ver­sion please see the instruc­tions here.

If you have pur­chased Find­ing Your Voice, the mobile/tablet ver­sion please down­load the iBooks or the ePub Read­er app to your devices. You will then be able to open the course into the app.

ePub read­er:

Link to drop­box inside ePub Read­er to import your course.

1. Click on the cloud icon (bot­tom left) inside ePub Read­er, you will then be prompt­ed to sign into

2. On your desktop/laptop com­put­er, go to Dropbox.comThen, sign in or cre­ate a new account and upload your Voice Train­ing Course to the apps > NeoSoar­Read­er fold­er in your drop­box account.

And that’s it! Drop­box will auto­mat­i­cal­ly sync with ePub Read­er; your course will appear inside the ePub read­er app (this will take a few sec­onds. Time may vary depend­ing on your inter­net con­nec­tion).


Add Find­ing Your Voice to iTunes on your desktop/laptop and then sync to your phone

1. Open iTunes on your desktop/laptop com­put­er.

2. Click the top left menu and select ‘Add file to library…’ and select your course

3. Con­nect your device to your com­put­er and select your iOS device.

4. Click the Books tab and then select Sync Books

5. If iTunes is set to sync only select­ed books, select the check­box next to the PDF you want to sync and then click Sync.

How Long Does the Down­load Take?

Our down­load­able cours­es are PDF files with embed­ded audio and video clips (where applic­a­ble) that are 25 to 45 MB depend­ing on the course. With most broad­band and wire­less inter­net con­nec­tions it will only take a few sec­onds (5-10 seconds)to down­load the pro­gram. If you have fast DLS link (10 Mbps+) this takes 1 min or less, on a typ­i­cal DSL link (1.5 Mbps) this takes 2 – 5 min and a dial-up con­nec­tion (56 Kbps) will take about an hour or more.

File Sizes

The sizes of the down­loaded PDF files (as list­ed by Win­dows) are:

  • Amer­i­can Accent Full – 39.6 MB (40,550.4 KB)
  • Amer­i­can Accent Lite – 25.2 MB (25,804.8 KB)
  • Aus­tralian Accent Full – 34.6 MB (35,225.6 KB)
  • Aus­tralian Accent Lite – 20.6 MB (21,094.4 KB)
  • British Accent Full – 45. MB (47,001.6 KB)
  • British Accent Lite – 28.6 MB(29286.4 KB)
  • Find­ing Your Voice – 30.6 MB (31,334.4 KB)
  • British Con­ver­sa­tions – 44.6 MB (45,744 KB)
  • British Busi­ness Eng­lish – 1.41 MB (1443.84 KB)

The exact size report­ed on your com­put­er may vary depend­ing on the oper­at­ing sys­tem, how­ev­er they should be close to this.

Pric­ing and Cur­ren­cy

All of our cours­es are priced and charged in US Dol­lars. Once you’ve made a pur­chase your bank will auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­vert the US dol­lar amount to your local cur­ren­cy.

You can use the con­ver­sion cal­cu­la­tors below to cal­cu­late the price in your local cur­ren­cy (please note this price may vary depend­ing on the con­ver­sion rate at the time of your pur­chase).

To con­vert the price to GBP use the con­ver­sion cal­cu­la­tor here.

To con­vert the price to AUD use the con­ver­sion cal­cu­la­tor here.

For all oth­er cur­ren­cies, use the con­ver­sion cal­cu­la­tor here and select which coun­try you would like to con­vert USD to.

How Much Does the Course Cost? 

For the British Accent Course click HERE

For the Aus­tralian Accent Course click HERE

For the Amer­i­can Accent Course click HERE

Pay­ment Meth­ods

We accept cred­it card, cred­it deb­it card (Visa or Mas­ter­card deb­it card) and Pay­Pal pay­ments. To pay with cred­it or cred­it deb­it card, select the ‘cred­it card pay­ment’ option on the check­out page or to pay with Pay­pal select the Pay­Pal option on the check­out page.

How do I Cre­ate a Pay­Pal Account?

You can open your own free Pay­Pal account here, You will need to pro­vide your name, address, phone num­ber, and email address. To make a pur­chase using Pay­Pal, you must pro­vide a cred­it card, or your bank account infor­ma­tion. See the Pay­Pal site for more infor­ma­tion.

What Coun­tries Does Pay­Pal Sup­port?

Pay­Pal can be used from more than 103 coun­tries and regions. Check here with Pay­Pal to see if you coun­try is includ­ed.

Is it Secure to Order From This Web­site?

Absolute­ly secure. We use indus­try-lead­ing tech­nol­o­gy (such as SSL) to keep your infor­ma­tion safe and secure.

Pay­Pal auto­mat­i­cal­ly encrypts your con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion in tran­sit from your com­put­er to ours using the Secure Sock­ets Lay­er pro­to­col (SSL) with an encryp­tion key length of 128-bits (the high­est lev­el com­mer­cial­ly avail­able). Before you even reg­is­ter or log in to the Pay­Pal site, our serv­er checks that you’re using an approved brows­er – one that uses SSL 3.0 or high­er. Our cred­it card pay­ments are also encrypt­ed via SSL tech­nol­o­gy.

Do the Cours­es work on iPad, Tablet or, Smart­phone?

Yes! Our online cours­es work from any device, as long as you have inter­net. Sim­ply login from any device and access the lessons! For the down­load­able cours­es the PDF man­u­al and videos (where applic­a­ble) can be accessed on your smart­phone or tablet by down­load­ing the Adobe Read­er app to your device. You can also copy the audios to your devices by using Audio on the Go.

Our Voice Train­ing pro­gram does have tablet/ipad ver­sion which is specif­i­cal­ly designed to be com­pat­i­ble with those devices. When you go to the Voice Train­ing page you will see two ‘buy now’ but­tons, one for tablet/ipad and one for desktop/laptop. Check it out HERE.

How Long do I Get Access to the Course For?

For­ev­er! Once you pur­chase the course you will have life­time access. You will receive links to down­load your course imme­di­ate­ly after you pur­chase. You will then be able to down­load all the con­tents of the course to your laptop/desktop com­put­er to keep for­ev­er. You will be able to prac­tise when­ev­er it suits you and you can keep com­ing back to it if you want to brush up on your pro­nun­ci­a­tion lat­er on.

Can I Change My Accent in Eng­lish, Even as an Adult?

Yes you can! Speak More Clear­ly was designed for both those who speak Eng­lish as a sec­ond lan­guage and wish to speak Eng­lish more clear­ly, and for native Eng­lish speak­ers who wish to learn a dif­fer­ent Eng­lish accent.

Your brain is plas­tic and can form new neu­ro­log­i­cal path­ways.

Just as it took a few years to learn your orig­i­nal lan­guage and accent, it takes time to change or lose your accent. When you were a child you lis­tened to those around you, and repeat­ed and mim­ic­ked what they said over and over and over and over! And just like that you can also lose your accent or acquire a new accent in Eng­lish. You have to want to do this, and you need to work on it.

You don’t need 5 years though, to notice that you are los­ing your accent! Even after just a few weeks of dai­ly prac­tise you will begin to notice a dif­fer­ence in your pro­nun­ci­a­tion.

Because you are attun­ing your ear to the new accent, and putting down new neu­ro­log­i­cal path­ways, you can lose your accent more quick­ly if you lis­ten to a native speak­er through head­phones. This vibrates the audi­to­ry nerve from your ear to the brain more direct­ly mak­ing the sig­nal more effec­tive.

You can lose your accent entire­ly. You can neu­tralise your accent. Or you can keep some of your accent and just speak more clear­ly and be under­stood bet­ter when you speak Eng­lish. All of this is pos­si­ble with the ‘Speak More Clear­ly’ train­ing pro­grams! You can think of it as hav­ing an accent coach, like an actor, where you lit­er­al­ly learn a new accent for a lan­guage you already know. If you think of it this way, then you can switch the accent on and off depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion and you have not lost your orig­i­nal Eng­lish accent, or you can choose to leave your old accent behind. By ful­ly speak­ing with your new accent every­day it will become auto­mat­ic for you.

Do the Accent Train­ing Cours­es Real­ly Work?

Over 40,000 peo­ple world­wide have used our train­ing for suc­cess. Our clients all over the world are excit­ed. They tell us that with only 15 min­utes of prac­tise a day, for only a few weeks, they see a huge improve­ment in their accent and pro­nun­ci­a­tion. Check out these real cus­tomers who have achieved results using our course. These clients were so hap­py with the course that they want­ed to share their sto­ries with you.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

If you prac­tise for 15 mins/day you will start to notice a change in your pro­nun­ci­a­tion after just one or two weeks and after 2-3 months you will start to notice a change in your accent. If you prac­tise more than 15 mins/day, your pro­nun­ci­a­tion and accent will improve even quick­er! This time varies slight­ly depend­ing on how much you prac­tise and your ear’s nat­ur­al abil­i­ty to hear the new sounds.

Have a look here to see our first hand cus­tomer suc­cess sto­ries to see how quick­ly a clients noticed a change from using the accent train­ing course.

Our course has over  4,500 words and sen­tences to prac­tise with and all the train­ers in the course are native speak­ers so this will help you become flu­ent at both speak­ing and under­stand­ing oth­er Eng­lish speak­ers. There are spaces for you to repeat after the native speak­ers in the course and there are dia­logues with longer sec­tions of speech so you can get used to the nat­ur­al rhythm and sound of Eng­lish.


I want to Under­stand Native Speak­ers Bet­ter. Can the Accent Train­ing Course Help me?

Yes! By lis­ten­ing to the audio in the accent course, your ear will become attuned to the new pro­nun­ci­a­tion and sounds. This means your brain will make con­nec­tions to learn and recog­nise the new sounds so that when you hear oth­er peo­ple speak­ing with that accent you will be able to under­stand them much more clear­ly.

Our accent train­ing cours­es have over  4,500 words and sen­tences to prac­tise with and all thetrain­ers in the course are native speak­ers so this will help you become flu­ent at under­stand­ing oth­er Eng­lish speak­ers.

How Much Should I Prac­tise with the Course?

We rec­om­mend prac­tis­ing for 15 min­utes a day with the accent train­ing course. If you prac­tise just 15 mins/day you will already start to notice an improve­ment in your pro­nun­ci­a­tion after just a week or two. How­ev­er, the more you prac­tise the faster you will see results.

Will I Receive a Phys­i­cal Pack­age of the Course?

No. All of our cours­es are online or in the form of a dig­i­tal down­load.

See instruc­tions here to on how to cre­ate an audio CD from the down­load­able audios.

What is Audio on the Go?

Audio on the Go is a FREE bonus course that comes with your Accent Train­ing Pack­age. It is a col­lec­tion of all the audio clips from the full course pack­aged sep­a­rate­ly, so you can down­load the audio clips to your smart­phone, ipad, tablet, CD or ipod and prac­tise wher­ev­er you are. Even if you only have 5 spare min­utes Audio on the Go gives you the con­ve­nience of being able to prac­tise any­time, any­where.

Audio on the Go down­loads in the form of a zip file.

My Eng­lish is Advanced. Will this Pro­gram be too Sim­ple for me?

No – when you want to improve your pro­nun­ci­a­tion and accent in Eng­lish you need to give your mouth and mus­cle mem­o­ry a chance to learn the new move­ments for the new pro­nun­ci­a­tion, espe­cial­ly if Eng­lish has sounds that your native lan­guage doesn’t have.

In order for your mouth to do this you need to give your mouth prac­tise at a sim­pler lev­el of Eng­lish before you can make the new sounds auto­mat­ic in your every­day speech.

This is why our tech­nique is by far the most effec­tive tech­nique to change your pro­nun­ci­a­tion, no mat­ter what your lev­el of Eng­lish. This means even if you are an advanced Eng­lish speak­er, you need to go back to basics in order to learn the cor­rect pro­nun­ci­a­tion and sounds for your new accent.

Our course is specif­i­cal­ly designed for non-native speak­ers who already know how to speak Eng­lish but want to improve their pro­nun­ci­a­tion and accent.

Do You Have Oth­er Accents?

No. Due to mar­ket demand we only have Amer­i­can, Aus­tralian and British. We cur­rent­ly do not have plans for oth­er accents. We do have a voice train­ing course.

Do You Have Accent Train­ing Schools?

No we do not. How­ev­er, we do offer Pri­vate Coach­ing with Esther Bruhl where you will get one on one feed­back about what spe­cif­ic sounds and exer­cis­es you need to work on to Speak More Clear­ly now.

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