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 Pronunciation Assessment X 2
 Speed Up Your Progress With Professional
Guidance, Take Your Pronunciation To The Next Level
And Speak English Clearly, With Confidence.
Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training
“Improved 10 X Faster”

Esther is a very knowledgeable and experienced lady, she would give you insights and point out mistakes that you wouldn’t think you could have made. You’ll improve even ten times faster with her personal help. All in all, at the end of the day it will all come down to achieving a better lifestyle and relationships when you can be a better communicator. – Tina (Vietnamese/Australia) 


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  • Get personalised training from world leading speech therapist, Esther Bruhl
  • Speed up your progress and get results faster
  • Know exactly what to work on, specifically for you
  • Know where to start and how to get extra value from your accent training course
  • Get specific feedback and tips for your speech based on your background language
  • Know how to fix those elements of English that you’re struggling with to get ahead at work
  • Not waste your practise time – get the most effective, efficient way to work on the course tailored to your needs and know exactly what to target
  • Know how to finally change your speech – If you’ve been in an English speaking country for many years but don’t know what to do to make your accent clearer

How It Works

1. Once you’ve purchased your pronunciation assessment, you will receive access to the voice recording app as well as instructions on how to get started.

2. You will record yourself reading the text we provide and briefly discussing your English pronunciation concerns, using the voice recording app.

3. You will then send the recording back to Esther.

4. She will listen and analyse your pronunciation, identifying your problems.

5. Esther will then record personalised feedback for you including, how to work on the sounds and elements of English that you are struggling with and which sections of your accent course you should be practising with. She will also show you how to practise these elements in the most effective way for YOU. This speeds up your progress and gets the results you are looking for.[/text_output]


Pronunciation Assessment X 2
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