Speak More Clearly Success Stories


“Gained confidence”

I was sceptical at first to buy the program because I didn’t think I needed it or that it would work. I noticed that sometimes my colleagues asked me to repeat what I said. I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say the words properly because I have an Asian accent. That’s when I decided to buy. The benefits of the program for me were that I gained more confidence in speaking, and it helped me retrieve my speech because the stroke left me with speech difficulty. I would recommend this to all migrants and to all who are suffering with a speech defect.

– Clarissa (The Philippines/Australia)


“Remarkable progress”

I bought the British accent course a couple of weeks ago. It really helped me to make a quick remarkable progress. Thank you for your useful programmes and for your innovative ideas to help us in language improvement.

– Mona (UAE/Arabic)


“Gained Confidence Communicating with Others”

I was looking for some speech therapist program to improve my English, so that I can have a better communication skills and improve my personal and professional life. I can speak and write English fluently, but due to my accent, sometimes I still can’t get the message across and effectively as I would like to. Since the program my accent has definitely improved, and I speak much clearer with correct rhythm and stress. I feel more confident in story telling and connect with other people. I’m looking forward to perfect my English accent so that I can be completely confident when developing career and with personal relationships. I would recommend this program to anyone wants to improve their communication skills, which will have a positive effect on all other area of their life.

– Tina (Vietnamese/Australia)


“I’m Not Ashamed With My English Anymore”

I decided to buy it after watched a video of Esther explaining the benefits of the program, specially when you, as a new arrived migrant, are looking for a job. It is difficult to find a good pronunciation program, I tried in the past without good results.

I think confidence is the the main benefit of this course, I am not so ashamed with my English anymore.

I’d recommend the product to any person that is really interested to improve the pronunciation, and particularly to those migrants or foreigners that are looking for a job or a career advancement.

I noticed a change in my pronunciation quickly, after one or two weeks using the course I realised that I was doing several mistakes and the system helped to understand how to cure them. I had, problems with the sounds that are not present in my native language, (ie vowels, past tenses, new words, th, sh, etc) I think English uses close to 200 different sounds, my native langauge uses less than 30% of that number. If one person can pronounce clearly and the other party can understand what your saying and not be stressed trying to figure out the message, it makes life a lot easier.

– Jaime (Chilean/Australia)


“Surprised my sister with my new accent”

You really helped me a lot, I can change my accent whenever I speak, I know how to because I now have an ear for the correct pronunciation and like you said, my accent is not the same as it was because I have done this quite a lot. Thanks plenty it (the British accent audio course), was good value for money! I started the Speak More clearly program because I wanted to pronounce properly, as close to the Brits as possible, specifically. At the same time I was living in the Netherlands, no chance to assimilate from the indigene-s as they speak Dutch. I had previously looked at different programs and somehow they did not quite hit the spot until I found this program on the internet. I had a chat with Esther (on skype) so she could help me identify the words I was not pronouncing properly as I actually spoke clearly already, could be understood really but not pronounce properly. She pointed out what I never heard before but is so clear now as I have listened to myself and the Brits. I listened to the program over and over , for hours , copying the pronunciation, imitating it, putting it on as Esther said! I listened to BBC a lot as advised by Esther and more British programs , it made a difference. One day I called my sister in England and she had no idea it was me at all, could not tell, thought it was actually a Brit but voila, it was me. That’s when I knew it really had worked, I needed someone else to hear the difference and she did! I also called my brother another time who also did not recognize me. The system worked for me and I daresay for anyone who puts time into it. I still go back time to time and really enjoy it. I have mastered it to a large extent and can also improve on it of course, but it really really worked! Put in the work, listen, imitate, ‘put on’ and watch as the pronunciation improves, mine certainly has! All the best to you too! This is a good return for your money. Best of all you will have the option on how to speak.

– Queen (Netherlands)


“Real results”

Hi there, just want to let you know that your program does work like a bomb, my wife and I practise everyday we do see results thank you.

– Cedric and Monica (South Africa)


accent coaching for actors.

“Value for money”

I am an actor in south africa and I need to learn and know the various accents like American, British and Australian. So when I came across your website, it was a no brainer. I love the way the manual is put out and how easy it is to go through and learn. My American accent has improved allot since working with your manual. Prices are good as well, its allot cheaper than having to go to a coach.

– Jacob (South Africa)


“Corrected my pronunciation”

The greatest benefit (of your program), was going back to basics and rethinking how to produce English sounds in my mouth. Taking care to learn the right sounds makes all the difference and the course is a fantastic aid! An exceptionally well-designed course I’d gladly recommend to anyone serious about learning English.

– Pasi (Finland)


“Very good value for money”

I just want to say that you have an excellent product. Very good value for money. With only days practise I have seen a big change on myself. I had a very big difficulty when it comes pronouncing some sounds like the ‘th’ sound, ‘s’ and ‘z’ and ‘j’ just to specify a few. I have found my core problems and I now know where I should place my tongue inside the mouth and the movement I have to make. It is amazing how it has improved my pronunciation. My native language is Amharic and Oromiffa. I am an Ethiopian doing my masters in IT and currently live in London. Though I have been living in London for the last three years I haven’t improved my language as I thought I would. The beauty of your product is I can use it literally everywhere.

– Ensermu W. (Ethiopian)


When the instructor explains the mouth and jaw movements he goes on to produce the sound. That helps me a lot. I speak publicly as a motivational speaker hence the need to be clearly heard when I speak.

– O. Mucheriwa (Zimbabwe)


I am very pleased with your programs / speaking sessions. I am training my voice and have noticed great improvements. After I have recorded myself and listened to I noticed that I actually like listening to that ‘new’ guy, especially what ‘he’ has to say now.

– Dr J. Luxum (USA)


  I am so thankful for the materials you have sent to me; more than words can say. Your materials have solved my English accent problems I’ve had since my childhood. I am a Kenyan, native Bantu speaker of a language called Kikuyu. All words in my language have open syllables and they have no relationship with English. I am going to these details that you may see exactly to what extent you have been of help to me. I have a degree in English and Literature but my accent has always let me down. I am so thankful and just so happy.

– J. Thiongo (Kenyan)


Thank you for your program “Speak More Clearly”. I down- loaded the audio training and you can’t imagine how much you really helped me. I am a written translator, from Arabic into English, and hope to be a simultaneous translator. To do this I must speak English clearly. My problem is that I don’t know how to pronounce English in the right way. Your manual and the Audio training package have really help me.

– I. M. Refaat (Arabic)


The product is very good. I have paid thousands for one-on-one private lessons and it was not nearly as good as the recordings I downloaded.

– Fogwill (Australia)


For me every part of this programme has been extremely helpful, but the one part that has been the best part is the audio.

– M. Paredes (Mexican)


I have recommended your product to many of my Korean students. I am an online ESL teacher. I used to be as program director for an ESL school here in the Philippines.

– M. V. B. Lenz (Filipina)


The new format British manual is really good and the link to the MP3 file is perfect to work in a computer. The videos are really good as well, the dark background helps us to concentrate in the position of lips and tongue.

– F. Santisteban (Spain)


I’ve been public speaking for over 20, but I was never happy with the sound of my voice. Even though I’m very tall, I thought my voice was too soft and too high. With this course I quickly learnt what I needed to do to find my natural resonance and now I speak with a pleasing rich, deep voice all the time.

– Dr K McIsaac (Australia)


I downloaded the course 3 weeks ago. It’s fantastic! I work every day on it and it’s really very helpful to me. Now I hear the difference between, for example, cup and cap and I hope my friends comprehend better when I speak to them.

– A. Sanchez (Swiss)


I am helping a Thai friend who has some reading and writing skills but lacks any listening or speaking skills. After only 3 weeks his “Thai” accent is disappearing and his spoken English has improved dramatically. Unbelievable progress from someone that was incapable of speaking English before. The lift in confidence, I feel, is the main contributing factor to his increased ability. I intend too recommend this program to others now.

– C. Cooke (Thailand)

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