English Accent Reduction- 80% Of The Road To Success is…..

So what is 80% of the road to success in English accent reduction? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the sounds, stress patterns etc that you may need to work on for your accent reduction? It’s natural to feel this, but 80% of the road to success for clear English speech, is to just take the first step. You …

VIDEO training- How to pronounce 5 English words-American, British and Australian accent

VIDEO American, British, Australian Accent-Pronounce these 5 English words correctly

American, British, Australian Accent-Pronounce English Words Correctly     This time I have 5 more English words for you to pronounce correctly. These are all words that people sometimes get confused in English. Best wishes, Esther Choose:- I want to speak more clearly in a… British Accent Australian Accent American Accent  

Video-How to pronounce 'banana, vitamin , process'- American, british and Australian accent

VIDEO American, British, and Australian Accents-Pronounce English words-banana, vitamin, process

Pronounce English words- ‘banana, vitamin, process’- American, British, and Australian Accents It can sometimes be confusing to know how to pronounce certain words depending on whether you need an American, British or Australian accent, so I thought I would start with these three words this time. Let me know in the comment section below if there are other words you would …

The difference between British RP and American accents when t says d

Video- Difference Between British RP and American accent- When t says d

One Key Difference Between British RP And American Accents – When /t/ says /d/. Difference Between British RP and American Accent- When /t/ says /d/ In American English the /t/ consonant says a light, quick, flapped or tapped/d/ when: the /t/ is between 2 vowels such as in later, rating. the /t/ is between an /r/ and a vowel as …

English Speech Practise Dialog -audio training -electricity bill

English Speech Practise Dialog AUDIO LESSON- Electricity Bill

It never hurts to have different practise material, so here is another dialog you can use for your English speech practise. The conversation in this English speech dialog, is a phone conversation and includes a female and male voice. Use the dialog to practise working on your speech clarity, and don’t forget to practise aloud and use linking and copy …

3 tips to supercharge your accent reduction

3 Tips to Super Charge Your Accent Reduction

A customer recently emailed me to ask what he was doing wrong. He said he was a Doctor, and that he’d been listening to BBC radio programs for a few years to help him with his accent reduction. He was quite frustrated because even though he had been listening for years, he felt his English pronunciation hadn’t improved. The  problem …